Only ONE Solution to ALL Kinds of Problems!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is an automated web service created particularly for online store monitoring.

It can analyse all types of inaccuracies within your shopping cart, store website, and even customer behavior to provide timely and precise resolution scenarios for every error detected.

Minimize the losses caused by store failures! Get the chance to focus on your business strategy and let Shopping Cart Diagnostics take care of your e-shop software.

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What’s In It for You?

Website Monitoring

  • Accessibility and Availability check
  • Website Performance check
  • Content check

Store Configuration Monitoring

  • Database Structure error check
  • Configuration File check
  • File / Folder Permission check

Server Environment Tracking

  • Up-to-Date Shopping Cart Version check
  • OS, PHP, MySQL check
  • Specific PHP Option and Directive check

Store User Experience Monitoring

  • Store Checkout check
  • Customer Registration and Login check
  • “Add to Cart” check

Enhanced Security

7 Reasons to Choose Shopping Cart Diagnostics

  • No software installation, No programming skills required
  • Detecting 100+ types of errors in one place for the lowest possible price
  • FREE diagnostics plans - over 35 checks at no charge
  • Instant email error notifications to minimize downtime and losses
  • Solution tips to fix the problems most effectively
  • Available 24x7 from any location worldwide
  • Multiple store testing within one account