3 Needs of Online Shoppers Which Every Ecommerce Website Must Fulfill

The online-retail industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Both, men and women, are spending hours browsing through various eCommerce websites to buy products which include but are not limited to – books, equipment, grocery, apparel, cosmetics and digital content. This is due to the convenience provided by various eCommerce websites.

All visitors want an eCommerce website, which is easy to use and provides them with all the facilities, that shopping from a physical store doesn’t give them. Let us take a look at the three major needs of online shoppers, which every eCommerce website must fulfill:

They expect to find products easily

The first thing, which a visitor expects from any eCommerce website, is the ability to find products easily. More often than not, visitors abandon a site only and only because they can’t find the product they want to buy on the site.

For this reason, many websites include a comprehensive product menu on their site and also keep a search box along with a dropdown box of the product categories. This way, all that the visitors need to do is browse the products menu or just type in the name of the product they are searching for and hit enter to check whether the product they want is there on the site or not. This saves the shoppers’ time and effort.

They want convenience

There is a reason why people shop online and that is – the convenience provided by eCommerce websites; it is something, which many brick and mortar stores are incapable of providing. So, when people use an eCommerce website, they want the site to provide them convenience.

If a website is not convenient i.e. it does not provide a better user experience, it will fail to create an impression on the potential customers and this will affect their business adversely. Here are some of the ways through which you can make an eCommerce site convenient for the shoppers:

  • By making it easily navigable: Include sitemaps on your sites, use a clean layout and use various tabs.
  • By making products easy to select: Use sliding banners, sidebars or galleries to display products, which users can easily browse through and select.
  • By not forcing them to sign-up to purchase the products: Never ever force your visitors to sign-up or log in before purchasing a product. This might not go down well with some of your potential customers, who are visiting the website for the very first time and they may not buy the product at all.

They want to take an informed decision

Buying a product online is a different experience altogether and it is difficult as well. This is because the customers have no way of knowing about the actual product, but rely upon the product image and description. Hence, what shoppers want is high quality product images, taken at different angles with zoom-in/zoom-out facility along with a clear product description. This helps them take an informed decision and they go ahead and buy a product.

In conclusion

These are some of the basic needs of visitors, which every eCommerce website must fulfill. Keep a track of these points while working on your next eCommerce web design and development projects

Source: http://www.plaveb.com/blog/3-needs-of-online-shoppers-which-every-ecommerce-website-must-fulfill