4 Crucial Elements to Test in Your PrestaShop to Get More Conversions

When your site is not ‘rocking’, as you expected it to, you are recommended to test it and see where’s the problem is. This much is clear. However, how do you know WHAT to test?

At this point, there exist multiple views. But the answer is only one. Look at your shop through your customer’s eyes – and everything becomes clear. Your primary task is to make shopping at your store as swift, easy, enjoyable and trouble-free as you possibly can. And you’re going to witness the growth of your business soon.

So, take a look at PrestaShop testing list:

1. Availability

Is your store available 24×7? It is one of the major Internet laws. Let customers browse your store whenever they want to and never let them down. Make sure you are always informed about the unexpected downtimes and do your best to fix them and most preferably – prevent.

2. Security

Is your website hacker proof? Imagine, if it once shows up in Google with “This site may harm your computer” warning or clients find it full of malware. The effect would be devastating. So, do your best to strengthen every vulnerability to achieve top security. It is very important.

The thing you’ve got to make clear to your customers is that every bit of their personal data from their email address to credit card number will be totally safe at your site. Moreover, you need to ensure the highest level of security to your website to protect both yours and clients’ data.

3. Speed

Do you know how much time is your homepage loading? A product page? Even 1 second matters here. Your customers are very impatient. So, your Presta website performance should be your continuous task to promptly react to any issues. The page that is delivering content forever isn’t facilitating sales, remember this.

4. Shopping Functions

Are you sure your visitors have no problems with any of these steps?

Product search
Add-to-Cart button

If anything is not working correctly, you risk losing your potential buyers. However, the faster you locate and fix an error, the less customers will be affected, and the more sales you’ll get.

Tools for Testing?

There are a number of tools for testing your PrestaShop performance, security, availability etc. Separately. This requires much time before you figure out how to use each of them.

The good news – you can test all of these parameters simultaneously with Shopping Cart Diagnostics web service in a few clicks. In addition, it offers the unique feature of monitoring user experience at your store (like login, search, checkout function etc).

For more info, go to http://www.shopping-cart-diagnostics.com/supported-carts/prestashop/.

Make your PrestaShop top your customers’ favourites list!