A Helping Hand for Speeding up your PrestaShop

Is your PrestaShop slow again? Then this article from a line titled “Be the Best of the Best in your Field” is for you!

Today, your loyal clients are one second away from leaving your e-store. Top retailers remind you every day how cruel the e-Commerce is. You are trying to compare the loading speed of your top rivals and to understand why they are so fast, but you are not…

It’s no secret: the speed with which your  website loads can  affect your sales. Any online store has the risk of  lost conversions due to slow e-store  performance. Recent researches have shown that each second of delay can decrease conversions by 7%!

PrestaShop loading speed is the first point of communication between your store site and your potential customers. Widely known, that they are used to getting information quickly. Having to wait for a page to load is not only annoying, but also crucial for your income. Moreover, it  also affects ranking in Google.

Hence,  it is extremely important to have an eCommerce website that loads fast. So your task is to take an immediate  measures  to optimize  PrestaShop load time. Here are a few of the basic steps that can be taken to speed up  your store:

  • The first place to  enhancement is to reduce the number of images. It means, you need to combine several images into one. In other words to turn several HTML requests into one single request.
  • Keeping your store up-to-date with the latest improvements is the second step.  This will help with PrestaShop speed.

  • The third issue is the hosting you choose for your store, as it  has the greatest impact on your PrestaShop performance as well.

At the end of the day, to succeed you should  build a fast and reliable online business. It’s your daily challenge! To be honest, speeding up your PrestaShop is bulky and technical. However, the good news is that Shopping Cart Diagnostics service  can do most of the job for you!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics will check PrestaShop end-user experience, performance, accessibility and much more! This tool will show you what slows down PrestaShop response time and  page load time immediately. As well as will provide a prompt solution to each error.

Want to be the first to know about any error with your store? All you need to do – is to  register an account and to download a connection bridge and you will be able to receive instant alerts on your email. So you can be sure, your store is always safe and sound!

It is an excellent way out, which will give you the best results in terms of PrestaShop store performance, at an affordable cost, that results in happier customers and higher conversions!

A faster online store means more sales and thus more revenue, that’s the online reality. So, don’t disappoint your faithful clients. Stay ahead of your competitors by checking your PrestaShop loading speed with Shopping Cart Diagnostics at http://www.shopping-cart-diagnostics.com/supported-carts/prestashop/

P.S.  Keep your customers coming back for more!