Be the First to Discover the Revolutionary Way of VirtueMart Troubleshooting

Your choice of the VirtueMart shopping cart shows that you understand the importance of cart software for the online business. Actually, it is your major business tool. VirtueMart combines rich functionality and simplicity of use thanks to its Joomla! integration. It can satisfy all your requirements for the convenient e-store. But it is a mistake to think that installing VirtueMart is the guarantee of a successful e-business.

Do you realize that your store requires careful maintenance even after setting up? Otherwise your money and efforts with marketing, promotion and SEO will be wasted.

Want to know why? Even if you’re lucky and have never experienced any Virtuemart errors, you’re not totally secure. The problems tend to come about when you’re least expecting them.

There is the type of errors which hinder your site performance, but are disguised.  They can be bugs with DNS server, for example. In this case page may take too long to load. Beware, according to the research, most users are not ready to wait longer than 5 seconds and can just move to your competitors.

For instance,  a VirtueMart configuration mistake might occur. It usually means troubles with e-shop e-mail, payment or shipping modules. What is worse, the reputation of your store may be irreversibly damaged. This kind of mistakes is obvious, so you can start looking for solution as soon as possible.

As the saying goes, “You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know where to find it.” So, why enumerate the possible problems? What you should know is how to fix them. The faster – the better. It’s because every second when the site is not operating properly you’re losing your potential buyers.

The good news – you can perform an automated VirtueMart error check by using the web service Shopping Cart Diagnostics. It can track mistakes with all aspects of your store and provides the most efficient solutions to all problems. If you’re willing to speed up your VirtueMart site, this service is exactly what you need!

How it works? The process is very quick and simple. Just enter your e-shop URL and see the results of your VirtueMart check out instantly! And absolutely FREE!

Want to be the first to know about any error with your store? All you need to do – is to  register an account and to download a connection bridge and you will be able to receive instant alerts on your email. So you can be sure, your store is always safe and sound!

So, let your rivals keep looking for the answers at forums or paying programmers for the fix. You can be a step ahead of them by ensuring the security of your business with Shopping Cart Diagnostics. Go to right now, and make your store work better than ever!