Loaded Commerce Error Monitoring: How to Get the Advantage over your Competitors?

According to a survey, 91% of Americans consider the level of customer service important when deciding to do business with a company. Naturally, that is the case with online stores, where the competition is really harsh.

Actually, you’ve got a huge advantage over e-commerce giants when running your CRE Loaded store – a small e-commerce outlet means you can offer a more tailored service to each of our customers. Learn, how to turn weaknesses into strong points by ensuring top functionality to your e-shop!

To demonstrate your prospects that you care about them, you should build the service to correspond to their demands primarily. Accordingly, a customer-oriented e-store should be:

  • available 24/7
  • quick
  • reliable
  • supportive

1. Let your customers access your site at all times.

This is crucial, because anytime your CRE Loaded store is not there, a visitor views this as a huge “Closed” sign on your front door.  For a conventional store, this is okay. However, in the internet world, customers expect your business to be open 24/7, with no excuses. If you already have a number of loyal customers, they will accept that your website can be occasionally n/a. But the person visiting for the first time and seeing the ‘not found’ page will not come back.  

2. Save your clients’ time.

They are just not patient with slow sites. One second difference between a 5 second and a 6 second page load can mean a significant decrease in profit, and the increase in CRE Loaded store abandonment rate.

3. Provide the best shopping experience for your prospects.

When you managed to entice the clients thanks to high efficiency of your CRE Loaded  website, it is important to lead them carefully towards the checkout stage. It means, every step they make - login, product search, adding to cart and the payment - should be as easy and trouble-free as possible. Customers are not likely to remain with a site that is broken, dysfunctional, or that fails to deliver content on a timely basis.

However, all of the above mentioned features depend mostly on the software you’re using. When anything goes wrong, for example, your search function is not working properly, or the checkout button disappears, how do you fix it? CRE Loaded errors are more numerous than you can imagine. It is not possible for even the savviest IT pro to check a website all year round and locate the source of a problem that may exist. This is the obstacle which prevents you from providing your clients with the best service ever.

There’s good news for you! Using monitoring service like Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you can quickly discover the problem and take action to fix it. You’ll be able to test every aspect of your store within seconds, including CRE Loaded configuration, security, availability, content etc. What is more, it will make your business most productive by optimising its performance. Thus, a CRE Loaded speed up will be a snap!

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, the issues can be resolved within a matter of minutes without causing inconvenience to your customers. Take your chance, go ahead and register your account to start your CRE Loaded error check with no delay!

For more information about preserving the health of your website, take a look at http://www.shopping-cart-diagnostics.com/supported-carts/creloaded/.

P.S. Choose efficiency and simplicity in running your business and the results will not take long to come!