CubeCart Error-Free: Give your Clients one more Reason to Come Back

Customers buy online only because of its convenience and availability at any(!) time. So, failing to provide one of these conditions means losing clients and of course, revenue.

Imagine, if your CubeCart store goes down and you don’t even know about it. How much time and opportunities will be lost! Even with 99% uptime you’re losing 87 hours and 36 minutes a year.

You want to make your visitors become happy customers? Then this quick CubeCart test is for you!  Answer a couple of the following questions to ensure that there no obstacles for this.

- Are you sure there isn’t a “Closed” sign on your website now?

You think, being closed for business is the prerogative of conventional stores only? It’s not true. What would you call the situation when a customer tries to access your store but sees “page not found”  message instead? It’s the same as your site being closed. But it is a no-no thing for a shop on the Net.

Remember, if you want your customers to come back, they should be able to access your store at anytime. With NO delays and NO barriers!

 - Is your CubeCart store easy to use and comfortable for shoppers?

Store availability is not the only crucial factor to attend to. Your customers want the best experience in every step they make around your online outlet. No matter what it is – login, search, product view or checkout- everything should be functioning perfectly.

You may have the biggest variety of products and the lowest prices in your store. But if a customer cannot find the needed items, because the search function is not working or gets errors when placing an order, are you sure he/she would come back again? What is worse, a person may spend lots of time shopping at your site, and stumble upon the checkout stage.  Being so close to receiving a new client and an expected sale – you get nothing.

So, to create the best shopping experience for your visitors make sure they have no problems when using your store.

- Is your CubeCart store speed sufficient?

Fast and efficient – this is what your store should be. It will be the best proof that you care about your customers. They just don’t want to wait, so if your site fails to operate at the speed the visitors expect – they leave.

Your customers will surely appreciate it if you achieve top performance for your CubeCart website. To do it, you need to find out what may be slowing down CubeCart load and optimise it as much as possible.

- Can your prospects trust you?

People do not want to provide their confidential details if they are not certain the data will be secure. The smallest flaw in the code – and the info can be leaked to some third party.

So, ensure the proper level of your CubeCart e-store security, discover all of the vulnerabilities and the buyers will have no doubts when dealing with you and recommending your store to others.

There is the way to answer all of the above questions positively!

Check all aspects of your estore, including CubeCart performance, availability, configuration, security and much more with Shopping Cart Diagnostics service. It is as easy as ABC! Go to, enter your store URL, and see the result of more than 15 CubeCart checks FREE of charge!

Want to check for more complex errors with your store? All you need to do is register an account and to download a connection bridge and you will be able to perform testing and see the results immediately plus recieve error reports to your email. So you can be sure that your store is always safe and sound!

Learn about all your CubeCart errors and fix them at once, using the troubleshooting tips provided. Devote your time to caring for your customers, and it’ll be your best promotion!

P.S. Are you ready for the surge of new clients and sales?