Do you Know How Store Monitoring can Improve your Online Business?

With the growing competition in the field of ecommerce, you should always be alert to the condition of your website, as this is your major business instrument.

You may test your  site every now and then to see how it works, but it isn’t always effective. How do you know that the user from the other part of the globe has the perfect experience at your site? What if he has errors with some of the functions? Before you find out what is wrong, imagine, how many clients will be affected by the problem and leave.

The top ecommerce retailers have already found the way to solve this puzzle. Instead of losing time to check the store functionality manually, they utilize monitoring software. It helps not only to make the store troubleshooting easier, but also improves the sales process in general.

Website Uptime

When a website goes down, it results in the loss of time and income for a business. Choosing to use a website monitoring software means ensuring your ecommerce enterprise against lengthy downtimes. Of course, monitoring doesn’t grant 100% uptime. On the other hand, by checking your website status constantly, it will alert you about any availability issues, so that you might fix them before your clients are affected.

e-Shop Functionality & Reputation

Online customers expect everything in your store to be easy and perfectly set up, from login and product search to the checkout stage. Every smallest flaw with any site function prevents customers from finding the needed products or placing an order. Consequently, they leave your site disgruntled. Certainly, they wouldn’t recommend the dysfunctional site to others, so you’ll lose not only existing clients, but also potential ones. It would have an extremely negative impact on your sales. The site reputation will be damaged too. And it is very difficult to restore it.

In a situation like this, monitoring service can come in handy. It will notify you as soon as any user experience error comes up, so you’ll make sure it is fixed shortly.

E-Store Performance

Do you know what is your average page load time? Are you aware of the fact that your site speed to an extent influences the sales? The online shoppers come to your store to save time for buying, not to wait half an hour for a page to load. No speed – no money, it’s simple.

You need the monitoring tool to measure the speed of your site. This manner, you’ll be able to locate the “performance killers” and optimise web store performance.

Server Environment

Not all of your store errors originate from platform software glitches. Sometimes it is the responsibility of your hosting provider that your store is not working as it should. The reasons can be multiple – the server is down, it’s OS or PHP version is outdated etc. However, your users don’t care about this. They need the store to work perfectly, otherwise they look for another one.

Knowing exactly the root of the problem is possible when using monitoring service. It will save your time and efforts for trying to fix any problem, when it actually is not on your side.

e-Store Content

How would you feel having seeked out and ordered a desired item online just to receive an email informing you it was out of stock? That reflects your customers’ feelings in a similar situation. If you don’t handle inventory tracking on your own, why not entrust this task to professionals? You’ll avoid embarrassment for providing outdated item info, or having products with missing descriptions. It will certainly be an improvement of your users’ experience and make them return again.

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