Do You Really Want to Know the Easiest Way How to Make Your PrestaShop Configuration Work Without Breaks?

Configuration Error. Is it Really Important?

During the development of your online business you have a lot of things to consider. It can seem downright overwhelming to you as to an еСommerce entrepreneur. But nevertheless, it is your task to monitor whether your PrestaShop store configuration is working correctly.

You probably already know that PrestaShop has a lot of configuration fields to provide great flexibility for you. And almost all of store modules have their own configurations too.

But the thing is that there can be a number of mistakes. They can affect such things as configuration file error, file and folder permission and the bigger ones like shopping cart payment or shipping modules error and database structure mistakes.  So, whenever identifying any issues or making any changes within your store, it is very important to take into account your specific PrestaShop store configuration.

It can be quite frustrating to realize that some error has happened with your e-store.  As to configuration errors, they might give you a lot of  troubles. Because downtime isn’t only annoying, it can also be very costly: a tarnished brand image, loss of existing and potential customers as well as business opportunities.   It can decrease your success in e-business, leading to less sales and profit.

That’s why, before you even take the first step of going into business online, what you should do first is make sure that your PrestaShop configuration works as needed. If you’ve noticed a problem, it is necessary to identify, what exactly is wrong. It is not an easy task, but nevertheless…

     Take full Control Over Your Store Configuration

For an eCommerce  store owners, who know how important it is to take control over site’s configuration,  there exists a perfect solution – Shopping Cart Diagnostics service.  Whenever identifying any issues or making any changes within your store,  it will provide an error check of PrestaShop configuration settings, and not only this. Run more than 100 checks with this tool!

However, if you use Shopping Cart Diagnostics and your competitors do not, you’ll receive a great advantage of getting better ranking and popularity among online shoppers. It is certainly worth your trust!

So, don’t let yourself be stopped by any PrestaShop configuration errors! Go ahead and check your store automatically, right here and right now at! Put it to use and skyrocket your sales… Make sure that your site is in safe hands at all times.

Here is the way to 100% effective troubleshooting of your PrestaShop store configuration mistakes!