Magento Server Environment Monitoring: Why and How?

Have you ever thought about the mechanisms that delivered your Magento store page to your customers? This  process largely depends on web server environment. Typically, users visit your store by either clicking on a hyperlink that brings them to the  site or entering  the site’s URL directly into the address bar of a browser.

Considerations in choosing a web server include how well it works with the operating system and other servers, its ability to handle server-side programming, security characteristics and site building tools that may come with it.

The Web Server Environment: Is it Important for Your e-Store?

Having your own online store with a huge range of products also means having to  deal everyday with server environment conditions.  It is a complicated process, with the possibility of a lot of errors.

To plan  your e-commerce server appropriately, you should first determine:

  • what you want to accomplish from a business perspective
  • identify the types of content that will be delivered
  • estimate how many visitors will be connecting to the web store
  • select an appropriate platform

To build a successful business strategy, you should take into the special consideration  the following components:

In the E-commerce world, the server environment is crucial in achieving main business goals.

A good understanding of the workload characteristics of your database server is a half of your success. It is important to the design, tuning, and capacity planning of the database server.

How to Know if There are any Errors with your  Magento Server Environment?

Every time you log into the control panel of your Magento store, you must be sure that your server is available and secure. But what if it’s not?

Consequently, you can imagine, how much time it will take to figure out what is wrong with your store.  Days or even weeks – depending on how serious problem is and how efficient you are in all technical aspects.

And here Shopping Cart Diagnostics comes to help you solve problems with your online business. Check your Magento store  server environment for all aspects of  errors right now. Plus receive suggestions  on how to resolve problems.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of Magento for ultimate functionality of your e-shop and that all important aspects of your store are tested and working well. With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you will be the first to know about  all possible shortcomings with your server setting.

Lead your business to the top and don’t be stopped by any errors on your way!

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