How to Beat the Competition by Overcoming osCommerce Errors

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Are these the phrases you dread most of all when managing an online store?  It’s time you stopped being afraid of software errors!

Certainly, there’s nothing to grant your osCommerce site flawless work. Problems are inevitable. At the most unexpected and improper moment an osCommerce error may arise. It can be anything – from a major site slow down to a crack in security system.

To be better armed against the possible problems, let’s start by sorting out what’s what.  All the osCommerce mistakes can be divided into two groups: website issues and e-store issues.

osCommerce e-store problems are connected with the shopping cart software or its extensions and plugins. They directly influence the essential functions which are needed for successful user shopping experience.

Any trouble of this kind can prevent a client from purchasing. For example, it may be a login or a checkout trouble,“add to cart” button malfunctioning or issues with the payment options. In case of such errors you’ll be lucky if your customer just abandons the cart and comes back later.

But in most situations people do not want to tolerate issues like that and leave the site. The e-commerce competition is huge, so they have a lot of other stores to go to.

Website problems are different. They are frequently the result of bad script, hosting or web server error. These problems can remain obscure for a long time, but influence your business negatively.

Your site is slow? It can be php memory limit or server response time or many other things. The SEO campaign doesn’t give any results? Have you checked your meta tags and inbound links? Another situation is possible – your site is down for some unknown reason, which means that the customers can’t access it. Too bad if you are not informed about it timely. Imagine, how many sales you can lose if your site is down all day long!

Advanced Way of Fixing osCommerce Problems. The list of possible issues can be endless, but your task is to prevent the error, or if the problem already exists,  to find the solution. How to do it? There are several ways out, in fact.

You may try correcting the mistake yourself via forums or hire a programmer to fix it for you. But it requires much time – which is too valuable resource in business. So, in order to beat the competition, you need the quick and effective way of troubleshooting your e-store.

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you get this opportunity! You can check all aspects of your store and web site, including osCommerce configuration and content, SEO, server environment and much more. More than that - the service provides you with the prompt solutions to every issue in a blink of an eye!

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P.S. Remember, each second while your site is not functioning properly means reducing the income and ruining the store reputation.