How To Improve Your Magento Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking?

Magento is still evolving. Nevertheless, in today’s competitive business scenario, Magento is the platform to make your online business really beneficial. It has multiple features and also the control over these features. Web stores based on Magento have the advantage because they can be customized as desired.

Talking about your Magento store, you may have thousands of products in your shop. It may be perfectly designed and set up. Nevertheless, if it is not SEO friendly, then you will definitely lose your sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the thing that can not be ignored if you already have eCommerce business or plan on selling products online. It is a powerful tool that helps to find and rank your Magento store in the search query higher than your competitors. Why is it important? Simply, the most popular way to bring more traffic to your Magento commerce is through search engines, where shoppers usually seek what they need.

So SEO helps to improve your store’s visibility for Google,Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
But the matter is, that website with unique content and user friendly navigation will rank higher than the website that uses content from the manufacturer websites.

The specificity of SEO is that there is no unique method to make your store appear in the top search results.

Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to your website inbound link tracking, google indexation, meta description and keyword check. If there are any errors with your Magento platform, it can hit your web store hard. This is because the e-store can be left unnoticed by search engines. Don’t fall into that trap. So before it’s too late, take into consideration the following common SEO mistakes in order to avoid them and to get better ranking positions:

  • Over-using or using the wrong keywords
  • Ignoring the <title> tags
  • Using frames in your design
  • Placing your content too far down in the HTML code
  • Using only imagеs for headings
  • Not having a focusеd incoming link-building strategy
  • Too long URLs
  • A flash wеbsite without html alternative.

Because any customer will not have enough patience to find your store among thousands of others, these SEO mistakes can lead your Magento eCommerce even to the bankruptcy.

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