How To Make Your Website Majestic In Look And SEO Friendly?

SEO professionals and internet practices suggest that beauty of websites is less relevant to your ranking. Folks tend to put flash or JavaScript on their websites to enhance the décor. It would simply look wonderful but, web spiders and crawlers find it difficult to index your website.

A general user waits for only 8 seconds more or less to download your websites. But, websites having these flash date or scripting takes more time than usual. The ideal time for downloading one website, by standard, is 5 sec. The challenge here is to balance between look and SEO friendliness. Even, ecommerce web design must follow these rules to be popular among search engine. Listed below are the tips to be friendlier for optimization.

Use of Platform: Before, you décor your website, you need to properly code it. PHP, and others platforms are there popular. For designing your website, try to avoid Flash or JavaScript as they are not indexed completely by crawlers. Design your article simple and then design it in the most proper way. Crawlers can’t understand the data in Flash or JavaScript. Though, these applications provide you better look, but you compromise on your ranking.

Keyword Stuffing: Using the right keywords types frequently by user is vital. While creating and developing website content keep this keep in your mind. It helps to get more viewers leading better conversion. Keyword stuffing is really your challenge. If you have hired already some efficient company have a check on it and if you planning ensure this before investing.

Proper Tags: One needs to tag his or her websites. It becomes convenient for both users and for search engine to bolster your ranking and visibility. A proper website name, a right Meta tag and bulleted points give you better crawling and this intensifies the chances for better indexing. The better the indexing the more chances you get in order to rank better on search engines like Google and others.

SEO friendly web design is, however the mantra to be popular over internet. Before, you design and develop your website, try to keep these points in mind or if you already have one try to make it more friendly for users and crawlers. Don’t make your web site too beautiful to get indexed properly.