Increasing VirtueMart Conversions: Off the Beaten Track Method

According to statistics, only 3 out of 100 customers usually complete a purchase in the online store. Today, 3% is considered ok, the “average” conversion rate.

How does it sound to you? Are you going to be limited by the mediocrity of this parameter? Don’t you think that you can achieve more? Well, in order to amaze the world and set the new conversion record, you have to stay away of the ‘traditional’ methods, which can only bring ordinary results.

Before you can set off converting more visitors into customers, discover why people are leaving your site. There are several ways.

Traditional way

Using analytics tools to track the pages, which are often ‘entrance pages’ for your customers. It shows you all pages from which the clients leave the store. However, it doesn’t inform you about the reason for a person to go away.

Sure, unless you’ve got extrasensory skills, you won’t be able to discover the subjective motives why a person left. But sometimes you encounter pages which are literally driving many customers away. In this case, you check the pages, the text, links, buttons – but from your perspective it looks ok and you give up.

Maybe it’s time you used the unconventional way?

Advanced way

It consists in employing advanced monitoring tools to track customers’ progress in your store. This allows to track errors within the most essential shopping functions and discover errors your prospects may be experiencing at your VirtueMart store during:

Using this method you won’t be lost guessing what could possibly repel the visitors. You’ll know for sure what needs to be improved and fixed.

Now, see how checking user experience for your store is connected to increasing the conversion rate:

  • You receive instant error alert – no need to test everything yourself or wait for a customer to complain.
  • You can fix the error with no delay – the faster you do, the less visitors would be driven away by the error.
  • You get more satisfied customers – because shopping at your store is trouble-free and they can easily find, order and pay for desired items.
  • You receive more sales – because there is no better advertisement than positive experience. Your happy buyers will not hesitate to share and recommend your store to others.
  • Your income grows and so does the business.

It all boils down to one thing – let customers feel you’re caring about them – and they’ll take care of your business development in turn.

Now, you’re asking how you can check your VirtueMart user experience? Shopping Cart Diagnostics is the online tool to monitor your store on the daily basis and provide the detailed reports and instant notifications if anything goes wrong.

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