Magento Customer Experience Monitoring: Rocket Up your Sales

So, you’ve done it all – chosen Magento, one of the best shopping carts out there, implemented creative design, created unique content, optimised SEO for your store.

“Now I can sit back and watch the traffic spike and sales rocket up” – is this what you’re thinking? – A HUGE mistake!

To ‘fall in love’ with your store, clients have to feel comfortable there at every step.  So, how to ensure it for every visitor? Answer just one simple question:

Why do customers come to your site?

Do you think they are here just to watch your flash or see the ultra-modern design? Neither.

People go shopping online, because it is available 24/7, convenient and quick. Plus, they can compare similar products in multiple stores and choose the one which best suits their needs and purse.

Here’s what your customers expect from shopping at your outlet:

  • quickly locate the needed items
  • be served timely and promptly
  • pay at the checkout with no delays or problems
  • be reassured that their data is secure.

Remember, even a shade of problem can easily turn your visitor into your competitor’s client – their store is just one click away.

Anything – from a spelling mistake to a broken link counts. But there’s nothing more devastating for your store than errors in its most essential functions:

Even if a person has decided to purchase from you, but cannot add the product to cart or proceed with the payment, he/she would be compelled to look for another store. And frustrated.

What is worse – this customer is not coming back or recommending your shop to friends. it means, your reputation is threatened.

What’s the way out?

You can create an account at your website and test all functions yourself. But it’s ineffective and time consuming.

You can wait for customers to complain. But are you sure they will be patient enough?

Or, you can make use of innovative user-experience monitoring service, which will track any error within your store and instantly inform you via email.

The advantages of automated customer-experience monitoring are obvious:

      • improve sales
      • improve the eshop reputation
      • focus on business development

Learning about the problem right after a customer encounters it gives you a chance to fix it shortly before many visitors get affected and save the reputation of your store.

Want to know more about Magento user-experience monitoring? Check out for details. Register an account and get the personal guard for your Magento!

P.S. Hurry up, before your rivals get to it!