Magento Secrets: How to Make your Store Prosperous?

Do you know that according to the statistic, only 5% of people succeed in the sphere they work? The remaining 95% can never go beyond the limits of mediocrity. If you want to be among the successful 5% of online business owners, this article is going to be your guide.

Improve your Store – Improve your Sales

For a start, to increase your sales, think about your customers. Do you really hope they care about your store usability, settings, the version of Magento you’re running or any other tools? Hardly ever. Maybe you believe that all of this stuff can attract more customers? You are mistaken. What buyers really need is:

      simplicity of your website use
  • quick page downloads
  • wide product range
  • competitive prices
  • good timely service

In a nutshell, the customer’s desire is to get everything best at once.

Your task is to make it so pleasant for customers to buy at your store that they won’t go to your competitors. So, the following question arises: How can you provide your clients with the best service ever? How can you make your store work properly at all times, with no errors?

A good service means that the customer is comfortable at your e-shop. He/she can browse the catalogue, view products, place an order and receive it easily and quickly. If any support needed, a person receives it as soon as possible.

It sounds easy to do. The difficulty here lies in the fact that all of these features depend mostly on the work of your shopping cart software.

Magento Errors – A Devil in Disguise

As it sometimes happen, any Magento error can occur in the most inappropriate moment. The clients get many complications when shopping at your e-store. For instance, they may have trouble with logging in or viewing products. Potential buyers may be unable to add products to cart or place an order if the checkout is not working properly. Certainly, these customers are going to leave your site and never come back again.

What is worse, your site may be unavailable for some reason. In this case the customers will not be able to access it. And if you cannot quickly fix the problem, they will quit trying. You’ll lose your customers. But for your competitors this would mean new visitors and new sales.

If you don’t want to supply the rivals with new clients, you need to secure your Magento from all kinds of errors. This would be the way to provide the level of service which is second to none. How to do it? Actually, there are several ways.

    •  You can learn how to fix errors at forums, they are helpful. But keep in mind that time is money, and remember, this  process is rather slow.
    •  You can hire a professional. But you’ll have to pay much for his work. And it doesn’t guarantee that the errors will be fixed instantly. A programmer is not a magician.

There is more effective alternative way to deal with your store errors. Conduct automated Magento store testing by using web service Shopping Cart Diagnostics. It can  track any problems in all the aspects of your site including configuration, Magento availability, performance, SEO,  etc.

The process is incredibly fast and absolutely effortless for you! And afterwards you’ll be offered the most effective solutions for all problems. It means, you can relax and enjoy the life, while Shopping Cart Diagnostics is guarding your business.

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P.S. Sometimes success is just one step away…