Magento Store Performance: What You Should Know?

You’ve less than 15 seconds to make your potential customers stay on your site. If they have to wait for too long for your web page to load, it will be an alarming factor for them. They will go somewhere else.

Your Magento store’s website is the face of your business. Are you sure your online store performance reflects its brand quality? To stay ahead, it’s important not only to consider new technology, bright front page, but also make your Magento quick and comfortable for your customers. Even if you’ve got high quality goods, competitive prices, and a sophisticated web store, but the website is slow, visitors will have a negative perception that it is not reliable. It would probably be hard for you to do anything about it.

When Doing Business on the Web, Every Second Counts

Magento store performance is a hugely important topic. It tells the user everything about your website:

- the average Magento page load time,
- Magento response time,
- connectivity issues and others.

It can be a domino effect:

Performance leads to better visibility > Visibility means more visitors > Visitors are traffic > Traffic affects reputation > Reputation generate revenue

In other words, the faster web pages are perceived, the longer users tend to stay in your Magento store and therefore spend more money and drive your business. If you ignore the consequences of a slow-loading page, you are subjected to lose a lot of customers.

Poor Magento Commerce Performance Means Fewer Users And Thus Lost Revenue

Those consumers who actually purchase at online stores are more demanding to store performance. They love rich images, dynamic content, personalized information and quick responses. Fast site increases user satisfaction and improve the overall quality of the store, especially for users with slow internet connections.

How to Check Magento and Ensure Fast and Consistent Webstore Performance

No one likes to wait, and online shoppers get especially frustrated waiting for slow web stores.

You should at least be aware of all Magento performance killers and do numerous things to make your store sound. This means that to achieve the peak, you have to optimize JavaScript, images, HTML and the back end. But it requires professional knowledge, long time testing and researching.

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