Magento URL: How to Make it Really Effective?

If URL is the last issue you think about when working with your Magento store, this post is going to become a groundbreaking discovery for you.

URL is the very first thing your customer sees before even entering your site. So, it may provide a lot of information about your store.

User friendly URLs. They have become a trend recently, and the reasons are pretty clear:

  •  they help to rank higher in SERPS by including keywords in the URL.
  •  they are easier to read and remember for users.
  •  they build trust by demonstrating that you work hard to improve your site and provide a better service to your clients.

How to make your URLs SEO- and user-friendly?

Login to your administration area, go to System – Configuration – Web, find the ‘Search Engines Optimization’ tab and put a tick in ‘Use Web Server Rewrites’ box. When you save the configuration, your URLs will look “pretty”.

However, after enabling this option, your customers may experience difficulties with accessing your store by using old URLs, so you need to make sure mod_rewrite module on your server is configured correctly to avoid 404 error page and ensure top accessibility for your store.

Secure URL. With security being a serious concern among Internet users, enabling secure URL is a must-do.

In a nutshell, it stands for secured connection and is indicated by the use of https instead of http and a green lock in the address bar. It is required for all transactions or login pages. Secure connection protects your customers confidential details from being easily accessible to a third party. It also minimizes the risk of your login credentials being stolen for malicious purposes.

So, when a customer sees that you’re using secure URLs in your store, it is a clear indication that you care about his/her data security. This helps to build trust and achieve higher conversion rates.

How to start using secure connection in your Magento store?

You will need SSL certificate, which can be obtained from your hosting provider.

To enable secure connection, login to Magento Admin area, go to System – Configuration – Web – Secure. Select ‘yes’ for “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” and “Use Secure URLs in Admin”. Remember that pages with HTTPS are slower to load, that is why it is recommended to limit secure URLs only to pages processing confidential data and admin area.

This essential security improvement can lead to multiple problems with your website, though. In case if DNS settings for your domain are not updated, the site will be unavailable to your clients. It is also possible that they’ll see the message “SSL certificate is not trusted” or “Page contains insecure content” etc.

To avoid problems like these and retain your reputation, you should validate SSL certificate and check your DNS and configuration.

The point is, how would you know that your customers are experiencing any of these difficulties and and your Magento store URL is secure?

You can try and test all functions yourself, which would be hard and very unproductive, or, you can use an alternative way.

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