Make your Presta Emails Most Efficient by Keeping them Away from Black List

If you haven’t fallen for the ideas that spam has killed email or email advertising is outmoded, you should pay close attention to email marketing technique. This is one of the activities to help make your Presta store more profitable and popular.

A 2012 survey of consumer channel habits and preferences found that 77% preferred to receive permission-based promotions via email: 6% preferred such messages via social media. As you see, emails can be a really effective tool of communicating with your existing customers and getting new visitors and sales.

Here are the essential recommendations for successful email campaign:

  • Get the right audience - don’t send your newsletters to anyone who’s signed up to your store. Make sure a person opted for receiving your info.
  • Make your emails engaging - a customer won’t read the content that is boring and irrelevant. Make sure it captures the attention.
  • Avoid too much animations and pictures - most of your customers check mail on their mobiles, so make sure your emails are easy to read.
  • Personalise your emails - the customer’s name in the letter would make it pleasant to read and not look like spam.

So, you carefully worked on your campaign, configured emails, created newsletters and promotions. Finally, after having spent lots of time and efforts you end up with a few more visitors instead of the expected traffic explosion. And you start searching high and low, analysing every word or your newsletter, double checking the special offers and examining the database.

Surely, you cannot find out about the reason why a certain customer wasn’t interested in your offer, it’s personal. However, are you certain your emails were ever delivered?

Let’s see what are the steps to make sure your emails do not automatically get in the spam bin.

This is the advice you’re not going to find in the marketing blog. It concerns the DNS server and domain settings.

  • First of all, find out if mail server(s) for your domain is NOT in DNSBL (black list). If that’s the case, your efforts will be wasted. All emails from the blacklisted sender are denied delivery and get straight into the bin.
  • Secondly, make sure SPF record for your domain is present in your DNS settings. It would authorise your email as trustworthy and prevent spammers from sending emails on your behalf.
  • Finally, an important aspect is to create MX record for your domain. This is the measure to ensure timely delivery of your emails. You certainly don’t want to lose contact with your customers because of the problems with your mail server. By creating multiple MX records you’ll ensure back up servers incase when the main one is down.

But how to discover such problems, before your promotional emails are in the trash? 

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