Not Enough Conversions? Check your Zen Cart for Errors!

Why do people leave the site?
What is it that prevents visitors from buying at your store?
How to make visitors become customers?

These are probably the most important questions for any store owner who desires to reach top positions in e-commerce business. The point is, with multiple SEO and marketing strategies, driving traffic to the e-shop has become quite an attainable goal. However, it doesn’t guarantee the conversion boost. You’re asking why?

Is Your Site Driving Customers Away?

With severe competition in e-commerce, the customers have become really picky. Nobody is going to tolerate slow loading websites with problems in crucial functions or insufficient support. Today, the consumers demand high quality service at every website, no matter whether it is a famous brand or a little start up.

Thus, the ultimate goal is to offer your prospects the most relevant and satisfying experience. Obviously, the more flawless and quick your web site is, the more satisfied are the customers. Hence, the increase in conversions and revenue. As you see, there is direct connection between your online store prompt work and your business success.

Unfortunately, Zen Cart errors are inevitable. If an ‘add to cart’ button or checkout is not working properly, it prevents shoppers from placing an order. In case DNS server response time is too long, your pages need much time to load.

Remember, slow site means slow business. What is worse, your website may just go down for some reason and clients won’t be able to access it. In case of any software trouble you need to locate it as soon as possible.

But How Would you Know When the Problem Arises?

For some reason, maintaining and optimizing the cart software are very underrated. Research shows that only 13% of online store owners are confident that their sites are error free. It is a huge mistake.

Watch out — your visitors may quickly abandon your site and run to the competitors.  To drive more sales and boost brand image, today’s web stores are increasingly dependent on sophisticated technologies.

The progressive way to eliminate risks with your business is Zen Cart monitoring. With the revolutionary Shopping Cart Diagnostics web service it is easier than you can imagine!

Ensure ultimate success to your online business! Perform FREE Zen Cart error check and see the results of more than 15 checks immediately. Detect problems in all areas of your store, including Zen Cart configuration, availability, server environment, SEO and much more.

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you‘ll be the first to know about any trouble with your store and fix it before your customers notice! Test your Zen Cart now at  Make effective error tracking your secret weapon in the battle for leadership in e-business!

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