Server Monitoring: Ensure Proper Work for your Store

Running an online store, you pay much attention to keeping your website nice and working well. However, do you know what stands behind your website? Where is your store data kept? It is the server that is the engine and the foundation for the website proper work.

Basically, for your website being visible to people all over the globe, you need to ‘host’ it on a web server. For this you choose a web hosting company that allows you to store the shop data on a server. This includes product information, descriptions, images etc. You’re able to upload new content or manage the existing one by using FTP client, which allows access to your server from multiple locations.

Also, most shopping carts keep customer’s information in a database, which is created and maintained on the server.

Apart from dealing your site content and database, the ecommerce server is responsible for handling website traffic. It is crucial that the site works well even under heavy load.

Last, but not least, your server can provide data encryption necessary for financial transactions and security. You know that it has become a major concern, that is why customers certainly will trust you more if they know you’re doing your best to protect their personal details.

Actually, choosing a server is no less important than selecting the shopping cart software. To build a successful business strategy, you should take into the special consideration  the following elements:

  • whether server OS, PHP and MySQL versions are compatible with your shopping cart. Otherwise, you are likely to experience performance problems with your website.
  • whether PHP option and directives are set correctly. These are the measures  to avoid security problems.
  • whether you use the latest shopping cart version. If your shopping cart software is outdated, it may be troublesome to use it efficiently and install new modules and extensions.

However, when you get any performance or security error, it is an extremely complex task to locate the reason of the problem correctly, especially if it is caused by server side trouble.

It can take weeks to fix slow loading pages which result from server MySQL version being outdated. However, the customers want to get the best experience when shopping at your store. So, if you fail to satisfy their expectations, you are about to lose clients.

There’s good news for you! You can prevent a situation like this by monitoring your server environment and timely discovering all woes. That’s where Shopping Cart Diagnostics is your best tool. This web based service can perform your store server monitoring plus check many other key areas of your online shop like configuration, security, performance and much more.

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