Top Zen Cart SEO Tips: How to Improve your Rankings

If you want your store to be popular and often visited, you should pay attention to improving its visibility in search engines search results, which is called SEO.

In fact, you are able to increase your Zen Cart rankings yourself by optimising the technical side of your store. If done correctly, these SEO techniques will also be beneficial for achieving higher conversion rates.

Zen Cart On Page SEO

So here’s the most important factors to take into account when doing SEO for your web store:

1) Title: it is displayed at the top of the browser window and is considered by Google as the description of your page content. You should use your best relevant keywords here.

2) Headings: phrases marked by h1-h6 tags have greater value in the eyes of googlebot than plain text, so you may use your secondary keywords to better describe the page content between H-tags.

3) Meta tags:

  • Meta description - don’t neglect this field. Use keyword rich description, but make sure it sounds natural and keep it brief (under 150 symbols)
  • Meta keywords - you should add the keywords that are used in the text of the certain page plus some of the relevant keywords you would like to rank for.

4) Internal links: to facilitate your site indexation, ensure that every page has at least one link leading to it from another website page.

5) Unique content: don’t get obsessed with using keywords wherever possible. The content should be interesting, relevant and readable. The percentage of keywords per page should not exceed 4%.

6) User-friendly URLs: your Zen Cart page SEO URL should describe its content instead of being a set  of symbols. Enabling mod-rewrite module would make your URLs readable. They would be easier to remember for users and also beneficial for SEO.

6) Sitemap: for SEO, it is recommended to create XML sitemap to will facilitate the process of crawling your site by Google. Likewise, creating a sitemap for users will help them find their way around the site.

7) Pages: Google will rank higher the site with more pages. It is better to make a page for each product and use most relevant keywords than create long pages with many items.

Zen Cart Off Page SEO

To rank higher in search engine search results, it is not enough to optimise your site pages. Your Zen Cart SEO optimisation should include working on the backlink strategy to increase site visibility. Google takes them into consideration when calculating your PR.

The common link building tactics include:

  • Submit your site to business directories.
  • Start your own website blog.
  • Use social networks to promote your store
  • Join the related forums and provide users with helpful tips and content thus linking to your website.

It may come as a surprise, but Google takes into account your site speed when defining your rankings. The faster the site  - the higher it will be in serps. So, improving performance can be an important contribution to SEO.

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