Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid DNS Problems with Magento

As a Magento store owner, it is your goal to make sure your customers have proper access to make the actual purchase at your site. However, how do you know they really can do this? Being on the inside of eCommerce you need to be aware of your store availability and all errors  which your business can face. Special attention in this list belongs to store Domain Name Server  (DNS) errors.

Have your customers ever faced the situation when it was impossible to access your online store? This problem can be the result of the DNS mistakes.

What is DNS?

If you aren’t familiar with the DNS, think of it like the telephone book of the internet, translating hostnames into IP.

Every domain name consists of a series of numbers known as an IP addresses. It’s the number that your customer’s browser uses to locate your online store.

When a user types “” into the browser, it connects first to your Service Provider’s DNS server and asks it for the IP that corresponds to the domain name. The DNS looks through a huge database and then directs their browser to your web page. If everything goes well, the DNS server replies with, and your web browser will then communicate with the clients server.

If your store loses IP connectivity, this system goes askew and a part of the puzzle is lost.

Why you should be concerned about your store’s DNS?

When DNS Server is not working properly, the response time may be too long or it can just show your customers an error message like “page not found”.

Another threat is when a hacker redirects your visitors to a fake site. They can actually give your browser a different IP address that redirects your users to another site that looks just like yours. They will be able to access any information your customer provides. Thus, your reputation as a reliable store owner will be ruined.

DNS Error: Steps to Fix

When DNS error occurs, it’s critical to troubleshoot the mistake as fast as possible. Otherwise you will simply lose your money!

  • The first thing to do is to ensure that the DNS server has network connectivity.
  • Then, determine whether the problem affects all of the users on the network or a group of users. Because only some users are affected, the problem might be on a common network segment.
  • Next, test the DNS server’s forwarders. Call your Internet service provider to see whether it’s having any DNS issues and to make sure that the IP address you are using in your forwarder is still valid.

What if you don’t know how to do it? Or your time is too precious to be wasted?

Fortunately, the process of searching where the problem is located can be fairly easier. Here is one of the most popular tools that can determine more than 100 types of store errors.

Using a web service Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you’ll be able to check your Magento DNS server for all types of fails and glitches right away, with no registration or installation. 

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