Virtuemart Email Deliverability Issues and their Prevention

Almost 80% of email newsletters sent reach your clients’ inboxes… What about the rest 20%? 

You certainly know how effective the email can be for your marketing campaign. However, there are some other elements:

  • Emails are used to activate customers’ accounts.
  • You can find out that a new order has been placed by email
  • Your clients receive order confirmation by email etc.

When working on your email campaign, you put maximum efforts to get the info look great and be interesting to read. However, what’s the point of investing into a good copywriting and design if your letters never reach the customer’s inbox?

If you don’t want your emails fall for the spam trap and lose 20% of potential customers, these tips are quite useful:

  • Avoid using spammy words (“free”, “be amazed”, “this isn’t spam”, “stock alert”, “stuff on sale” etc.) in the subject or mail body.
  • Check your mailing list for undeliverable addresses (they increase your bounce back rates and serve as a reason to flag your message as spam).
  • Use subscription verification. Upon subscription, send a client the email with a confirmation link. It’ll ensure that this is the very person who opted for newsletters from you.
  • Include unsubscription link and your physical address in the email body.
  • Check your IP for being blacklisted. If that’s the case, no emails from you will ever reach your audience.
  • Use SPF records for your domain to facilitate authentication and prove that your emails are really sent from your website and your email address in not being forged.

However, the issue of VirtueMart email deliverability has an often overlooked side. It consists in email delivery to your store inbox.

Normally, you receive order or support emails to your domain mail server. To ensure that you always get your mail timely, it is better to specify multiple mail servers for your domain by establishing the MX records in your DNS settings. This manner, if one of your mail servers is down, the messages will be routed to another one with lower priority.

So now, how do you test your mail settings?

You can either set out to check the blacklisted IPs or dig deep into the DNS to see your SPF and MX records. Or, you can leave this job to Shopping Cart Diagnostics web service.

You’ll find out about your email settings in one mouse click – just provide the store URL and see the results instantly along with store availability, basic SEO, DNS server info. So, you’ll be instantly notified in case your VirtueMart email deliverability problems.

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