VirtueMart On-Page SEO Checklist: 5 Simple Steps to Rank Higher

SEO is very important for your VirtueMart store, because this is the technique which allows to make your store visible to users on the Internet.

Basically, there are two major ways of doing SEO for a website: off page and on-page optimisation. While off-page SEO is necessary, but rather time consuming, on-page SEO concerns the technical side of your store. You can easily implement it yourself and the positive results will not be long to come.

So, where do you start?

  • Research.

Carefully choose the keywords you could rank for. You can use Google Keyword tool for this purpose. Ideally, they should be popular, but with low competition.

  • Content.

Create texts for each product page. Make sure your content is unique and up-to-date. It is recommended to use 1-2 keyword phrases per page to rank better. Keep the keywords amount under 4% and let them sound natural.

  • Page elements:

Title. Google considers this to be the topic of the page, so include your primary keywords in the title of the page. This is usually the information to be bolded in the search results, so it would also help users find what they are looking for. It also appears at the top of the browser window, informing about the topic of the page viewed.

It should look like this:
<title> Keyword | Company Name</title>

Meta tags - you should complete the meta description tag – this will display in the snippet on the results page, so make sure it contains relevant keywords and is enticing users to read more at your site. Meta keywords tag allows you to inform search engines about the keywords you are ranking for.

Image optimisation - Instead of a bunch of random numbers, your product images should have a comprehensive description. It would enable getting traffic from image search and ease browsing your store for users.

  • URL Structure

URL is the perfect means to tell user and search engine the topic of the page before visiting it. Essentially, your URLs should reflect the hierarchy of your catalogue. So, enabling SEO-friendly URL option would be an improvement to your store rankings.

Instead of looking like this:…..
the URL would look: name.html

This way, it will be much more likely to show up in the top search results.

  • Sitemap.

It is a convenient means of navigating through the store for your clients, especially the one with thousands of products. Why not help Google with crawling the website by creating an XML sitemap and submitting it using Google WebMaster tools?

Done! What’s next?

Clearly, these improvements alone will not bring top rankings for your website right away, but they can make a great difference both for search engines and for users.

If you’re unsure what’s your ranking now or would like to test your VirtueMart SEO, Shopping Cart Diagnostics will readily help. By simply providing your store URL you can get info on your on-page and off-page SEO settings in a snap.

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