What if “Add To Cart” Does Not Work in Magento: Causes and Solution Tips

A very common problem for Magento ecommerce websites that many internet shoppers encounter is that “Add to Cart” function sometimes doesn’t work.

Imagine your buyer clicks the “Add to Cart” button after he/she made a choice, but nothing happens. No products are getting added to the cart. Most likely it will prevent a visitor from buying at your store forever.


  • Javascript mistake.  Most likely the problem is related to the javascript mistake on your page. If you do not have any javascript errors, there’s a couple of other things to look for.
  • Store URL. Site can be accessed through adress like: eshop.com as well as www.eshop.com. If you install your store like eshop.com, then if you’ll access your store via www.eshop.com, the add to cart wont work on the homepage. So here could be the root of the problem.
  • Mixed Domains: Make sure that your product page is on the same domain as your Magento installation.
  • SSL Certificate Problems: SSL errors might be caused by an incorrect environment setup, a bad server certificate, connection problems, certificate expiration etc.
  • Server-side problems. Your hosting provider (especially if you’re on a shared hosting) may have implemented any changes that lead to functionality drop.

How to Fix 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to fix this and make your store sales live again.

  • You can make a redirect from www.eshop.com to eshop.com or the other way around.
  • Also, try this way: System->Configuration->WEB->Cookie Session. Set Cookie Lifetime to: 86400. Then flush all cache.

The solution depends on which case applies to you.

What you are to do first of all is to provide the highest quality service to your customers and ensure the perfect end-user experience at your store.

You can use Shopping Cart Diagnostics at: http://www.shopping-cart-diagnostics.com/ for monitoring your customers’ shopping experience. This way you’ll save hours of your time and will be the first to know about any error.


Magento  can easily overcome any problem by careful maintenance and monitoring it on a constant basis. You can get a full report on the condition of your store every day and receive instant error notifications to your email. 

Make it easy to track down and debug your eshop - and open new development opportunities for your online business!