What you Should Know to Make your PrestaShop Store Really Efficient?

 Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Jim Rohn, American businessman

The advice above is pretty clear. If you want to be successful, you should learn to do routine tasks diligently and better than everyone else.

In the e-commerce, however, it’s not always about you. The shopping cart software is the foundation for your business and it does the job. So, in order to be successful, you need to make sure that your PrestaShop platform is working “extraordinarily well”. It’s easier said than done, if you don’t have a programming background.

The problem is, even minor PrestaShop errors can seriously affect your e-store productivity. Let’s see, why software mistakes are so dangerous for your business.

First of all, you need to know what these troubles might be and what are their effects on your e-store. So, all PrestaShop problems can be divided into two categories: website and shopping cart issues.

Website issues:

Your PrestaShop may be down for some reason. This situation presents a triple threat. First of all, the customers can’t access the store. It means, they will have to find other online shops to buy the needed goods. Secondly, your site reputation is affected and it would be difficult to restore. Finally, each second when the site is unavailable would mean losing money and potential buyers.

Is it familiar to you that your site gets too slow? It is inconvenient to customers, who do not want to wait forever for the page to load. And it makes the site difficult to administrate. Naturally, you want to correct this, but where to start? You need to find the reason of the problem first, which can be tough.

Shopping cart issues:

End-user experience
This problem concerns using the store effectively. For example, your customers can have problems with registration or logging in. There may be an error with placing an order or adding products to a cart etc. Certainly, your clients will not be happy about these problems. Hence, the conversion rates and sales level will drop.

The crack in security system may be harmful for the store. It can be hacked, redirecting your visitors to other sites or disabling many necessary functions. It can also mean data leakage to your rivals, and you wouldn’t like that, would you?

All in all, no matter which category the error belongs to, it affects the store functionality and discourages the customers from buying at your store.

Surely, if you want your business to be number one, you’d like to avoid all kinds of troubles. But how can it be done? How to solve PrestaShop errors?

The solution is Shopping Cart Diagnostics service. It will help you to cope with any trouble and will check PrestaShop automatically. It can conduct the test of major store aspects including configuration, server environment, end-user experience, availability etc.

Service allows to test all PrestaShop problems quickly and effortlessly, providing you with the best solutions.

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