Content Check Up

Server Response Time Analysis
Product and Category Description and Availability Check
Google Analytics Settings Check

What is store content? Content is the textual, visual and auditory information on a webpage. In the online store it is one of the crucial factors, presenting customers with clear view of the items you’re offering. It includes

  • category names
  • products’ names,
  • descriptions,
  • prices
  • specific attributes (like size, weight etc)
  • images

Server Response Time Analysis

What is server response time? It is the period before the first byte of the requested resource is received from the server. In other words, it is the time needed for a websiteserver to respond to a user’s request.

Naturally, the shorter this time is – the better. In case there are problems and server is taking too long to respond, your clients may consider the site inconvenient and leave. So, analysing the server response time would be helpful in terms of locating the issues and speeding it up.

You can measure the server response time easily after creating an account with Shopping Cart Diagnostics. Help your customers browse your store at the speed of light!

Product and Category Description and Availability Check

Why do I need the description and availability check? In your store, you should avoid empty categories or product names as well as products with missing descriptions. Also, the information about items availability should be always up to date. It will save your customers time and build trust to your website. So, customers won’t be disappointed in case they order the item which is out of stock.

Moreover, it is important not to use frames which prevent serps from indexing the page correctly, which means that most of your content will not show up in the search results.

How do I benefit from a better structured content? Well organised content helps your customer to find needed items quickly and easily. Hence, more conversions and bigger profits.

Structure also helps search engines gauge the relevance of your content. Using HTML tags, for example, can improve your ranking by adding significance to certain tagged elements (like <H1> tag). So, the words in the tagged sentence potentially represent search terms. Thus, the correct implementation of tags can enhance your site visibility in serps.

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you can perform the Product and Category Description and Availability Check in your store regularly. Go ahead to register an account - and we will make sure your data is structured in the most efficient way to boost your user satisfaction and improve rankings.

Google Analytics Settings Check

Why do I need Google Analytics for my store? Using Google Analytics is critical for improving and optimising your website. It reports about various aspects of your visitors’ behaviour, like:

  • What they are searching
  • What they do on your site (I.e. what links they click, what pages they visit)
  • What is your site speed
  • How visitors navigate through your site

With these reports, you’ll find out what is the most popular content at your website, what is missing and which elements need improvement. By implementing constructive changes you’ll be able to provide your clients with what they need and make it easy to find. Hence, you’ll increase the conversion rates and your revenue.

Why check the Google Analytics settings? To receive the most accurate and true data about your site content, you have to be very specific when setting the Analytics tool. Otherwise, the reports may be either insufficient or present the information incorrectly.

Sign up for Shopping Cart Diagnostics and perform the Google Analytics settings check in your store. We will make sure you’re getting true reports for you to be able to boost your user satisfaction and improve rankings.