DNS Servers Monitoring

DNS Response Time and Settings Check
IP Address Redirect Analysis

What is DNS? Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet technology that translates domain names into IP addresses. It is needed because alphabetic domain names are more user-friendly. But the Internet is really based on IP addresses (which are numeric).

DNS server is a computer registered in the Domain Name System. It contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts thus enabling you to connect to any website on the Net.

Why do I need to monitor my DNS server? If your store DNS servers are down or not functioning properly, it might lead to problems for your customers. They may be redirected to another website. Another problem is that mail or proxy servers might be affected. It is critical that this service performs without failure and as fast as possible. Therefore, it is important to monitor DNS servers regularly to avoid problems.

With DNS Server Monitoring feature you’ll be able to get the results of the following checks:

  • Domain Expiration
  • Name server exist
  • DNS Response Time
  • Domain IP Address vs www Domain IP Address
  • … and others

DNS Response Time and Settings Check

DNS response time is the period needed for the server to look up a host address. It is usually measured in milliseconds. The DNS is involved in virtually every connection we establish on the Internet. So, it is critical that this service should perform as fast as possible.

What happens if the DNS response time is too long? To display a webpage, the first DNS query is performed to resolve the domain name into an IP address. If it takes too long, then web pages may be slow to load, or just timeout.

What affects the DNS response time? The reasons are multiple. It could be big page size or the server may be busy, or the bandwidth at the hosting company may be congested.  Also, the DNS settings may be incorrect, leading to the slowdown.

How can I speed up the DNS response? You first need to measure your DNS response time. If it’s over 400 msec – you should address this issue directly. First, find out from your ISP or network administrator what your DNS settings are supposed to be. Then make sure that your DNS settings are entered properly. You may also consider switching to another DNS server, different from the one you’re using.

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IP Address Redirect Analysis

IP address redirect may be absolutely necessary for you in case you have your domain setup for either www.example.com or just example.com and you want it to work either way, whether customers type in the “www” or not.

If this option is set up incorrectly, your customers may be directed to some other sites, different from yours, or see the error page in their browser window.

To correct the errors, you will need to login to your account at the hosting provider website and change the settings for your domain in the control panel.

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