Server Environment Tracking

Up-to-Date Shopping Cart Version check
OS, PHP, MySQL check
Specific PHP Options and Directives check

What is server? Server is a computer, typically a very powerful one, to which client computers are connected. It provides services (connection, files, data storage capacities etc.) to the client computers. In ecommerce, you are using a web server, the main function of which is hosting your website.

Why is server environment important? Choosing a server, you need to pay close attention to its software and hardware characteristics, especially to operating system (OS), PHP and MySQL versions it uses. Making the wrong decision can lead to negative consequences. For example, if your shopping cart version system requirements are not met by the server, your store functionality and performance will suffer.

Up-to-Date Shopping Cart Version check

What if my store is not updated? If your store is outdated, you will have trouble with installing new extensions, modules or themes. What is more, it may become a target for hackers.

Using the most up-to-date version of your shopping cart software will help to avoid security breaches and strengthen its vulnerabilities. Updates also contain improvements to enhance the site functionality and fix the bugs.

How can I make sure my cart software is up-to-date? Shopping Cart Diagnostics will check the cart version you’re using and inform you in case it requires upgrade.

To check your shopping cart version, create an account and make sure your software is up-to-date!

OS, PHP, MySQL check

How does the server I’m hosted at influence my online shop? Choosing a hosting is no less important than selecting the shopping cart platform. It is a crucial factor which can either improve the site performance or be a source of various errors and problems.

You need to make sure the server your website and shopping cart are hosted on is up-to-date. In case the server OS is obsolete, or PHP and MySQL versions need upgrading, your store is not going to work correctly. It will also seriously affect the site speed and performance.

How can I check the server characteristics? Shopping Cart Diagnostics can do the job for you and perform the following checks:

  • Server Operating System Version
  • Webserver Version
  • PHP Version
  • MySQL Version

In case they are outdated, you’ll receive an alert and be able to address the issue right away.

You don’t want to contact the host to get information on server software version? Simply create an account or sign in with your Google or Facebook account to perform server OS and MySQL analysis there and then!

Specific PHP Options and Directives check

Why do I need to check my PHP? When the PHP code is insecure or used in an improper way, it creates a kind of security hole in your system. Using this breach, hackers can enable some dangerous PHP functions to take control over your web site or harm your server data. To prevent this situation, potentially dangerous php functions should be disabled in the PHP configuration file.

Likewise, there are important functions which have to be enabled or set correctly to ensure the best operation of your store.

How can I check whether PHP settings are correct? Certain programming skills are required in order to manually set PHP options and directives. But with Shopping Cart Diagnostics you don’t need to be a programmer or hire one. The following checks can be performed:

  • mod_rewrite Module
  • PHP Memory Limit
  • register_globals PHP Directive
  • register_long_arrays PHP Directive
  • Get PHP configuration value: safe_mode
  • upload_max_filesize PHP Directive lower than 4Mb
  • Zend Optimizer PHP Extension
  • open_basedir PHP Directive
  • potentially dangerous PHP functions are disabled

So, you’ll be able to receive the report on your server environment and get recommendations on fixing the detected errors to ensure your site proper work.

For tracking problems with your PHP options and Directives, register an account and start the check right away!