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Database Structure Error Check
Configuration File Check
File/Folder Permission Check
Shopping Cart Module Configuration Analysis

Database Structure Error Check

What is a store database (DB)? An ecommerce database is a method of storing large amounts of store valuable information on a server, such as:

  • product inventory
  • orders
  • users
  • prices
  • credit card information etc.

It allows consumers to locate and review products or services quickly and perform purchases online. The bigger capabilities for information and processes storage and management it has, the higher chances are that a resulting sale will take place.

What are the reasons of database errors? Due to the fact that database is stored on a server, connection issues are possible and you’ll not be able to connect to the database. Another instance is providing a wrong username, password or database name, which are specified in your configuration.php file. In this case the information stored in the DB will be unavailable.

Why are DB errors dangerous? If database is down, customers won’t be able to access the information they’re looking for or complete their purchase. For you it would mean losing money and clients’ trust.

How can I fix DB errors? Prior to fixing, you need to locate what exactly is the problem. To do it manually, certain programming skills are required. But Shopping Cart Diagnostics you can check your database for errors and save your time.  Plus you’ll be offered detailed explanations on how to fix the detected issues.

Avoid glitches when accessing your database! Create an account and start the database structure check with no delay!

Configuration File Check

What is e-store configuration? The configuration is the beating heart of the system. It contains the settings of the store in general as well as of shipping and payment modules, templates etc. The global settings are stored in the configuration file, which also contains the encryption key, the user name and password to connect to the database.

What are configuration problems? To adjust the system to your needs and set the desired options, you need to configure them correctly. In case of misconfigurations, which are often the result of modifications in the system, trouble is unavoidable. To make matters worse, it is difficult to define whether the problem is the ‘default’ code or the configuration is invalid. For example, it may be the source of payment or shipping modules errors, making it impossible to use them correctly. Certainly, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction and the drop in sales level.

How can Shopping Cart Diagnostics solve configuration errors? It can find out what is wrong in the following areas:

  • Is configuration valid
  • Configuration paths
  • Payment modules
  • Shipping modules

After the problem is detected, you will also know your options in coping with misconfiguration.

To start your configuration file examination, go ahead and register an account with Shopping Cart DIagnostics!

File / Folder Permission Check

What are e-store file/folder permissions? In a nutshell, these settings define what each of the 3 typical groups of users (owner, the group, others) can do with a file/folder.

The operations which could be performed are read (a user can view the content of the directory), write (a user can create new files and delete files) and execute (a user can browse this directory).

What happens, if the file/folder permissions are not set correctly?

You shouldn’t allow everyone to perform all three operations, otherwise it is very likely that the store security will be violated. If, vice versa, you fail to make certain folders writable, you’ll be unable to install new extensions or modules. Moreover, your shop won’t operate correctly and clients will be unable to browse and view the content.

How can I check and reset the file/folder permissions in my store?

Shopping Cart Diagnostics will perform the check for you and let you know about the problems with permission settings to make sure your store is protected and fully functional.

In case the permission settings have to be changed, there are many ways to do it. You can set file/folder permissions via FTP software or the file manager used by your hosting company.

To avoid risks and check the configuration settings, sign up for file/folder permission analysis with no hesitation!

Shopping Cart Module Configuration Analysis

What are shopping cart modules? Modules for your shopping cart platform help to extend the functionality of your website. There exist thousands of custom modules which are designed to ease using different aspects of your ecommerce store, like management, marketing, SEO, utilities etc.

Will all my modules be checked? You can have your Shipping and Payment modules configuration analysed as  they are absolutely indispensable for any e-store.

Aren’t shipping and payment modules configured by default? Definitely, all platforms offer you some default shipping and payment options. But as these areas are crucial for the effective business, you may need to configure them according to your customers needs.

For example, you may add some extra payment gateways or change payment methods in the Payment module. As to the Shipping module, you may want to customise the shipping rates for specific items according to their size, or country of destination etc. Sometimes, you may have to hack the code in order to implement changes.

What can go wrong with modules configuration? In case of any option configured incorrectly, the work of entire module can go askew. It will create serious problems for customers, who will not be able either to pay or choose the suitable shipping option.

So, don’t hesitate to sign up for Shopping Cart Diagnostics and start the Shopping Cart Module Configuration Analysis to ensure flawless work of your website at all times!