Store Email Address Verification

Website Blacklisting Check
Domain SPF and MX Record Verification

When building your promotion strategy, email marketing is very important as it helps to sell to customers all around the globe. However, in order to make your email reach the client’s inbox, instead of ending up in the spam bin, you have to make sure the emails are trustworthy and not stopped by any filters. In addition, it is critical for you to be able to get emails from customers timely.

For the reasons stated above, verifying your store email address is necessary for successful ecommerce sales.

Website Blacklisting Check

What is an email blacklist? A blacklist is a list of email addresses or domains, that is denied delivery by another user. Blacklists are made public on the Internet for organisations to use as a reference filter for their mail servers. It is a measure to prevent spam and enhance Internet security.

What does it mean if my store is on the blacklist? If your store email is blacklisted, its messages will not be accepted by customers and bounce back to you.

I am not sending any spam, how did I get blacklisted? Your marketing efforts can be mistakenly considered as spam if you’re sending emails or newsletters to a large number of recipients and not managing the customers who would like to unsubscribe.

It is also possible that your store email address has been spoofed. It means that the email “From” field was forged by a spammer, so it looked as if it was coming from your site.
If you use a shared hosting service, another customer could have sent spam emails, which resulted in the Server’s IP address being blacklisted, so everyone using the hosting would not be able to send emails.

How do I get removed from a blacklist?  Here is what you should do if you are accused of spam and put on a blacklist:

  • Find out what blacklist(s) you are on.
  • Visit the website responsible for that blacklist.
  • Read the FAQ and other information on that website.
  • Follow any instructions given to the letter.

Make sure your emails never let you down – just enter your store URL and see the results of your website blacklisting check instantly!

Domain SPF and MX Record Verification

What is SPF Record? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. When a mail server receives an email it can check the DNS zone of the sending domain for a SPF record. It will check whether the email really came from that domain name. The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged “From” addresses at your domain.

Why do I need SPF record for my store? Not using a SPF record can hinder your email campaign, including follow-up emails, newsletters and other customer notifications. Without SPF, your emails can be sent to the spam bin or deleted. Consequently, it will reflect on the conversion rate.

How do I add SPF records to my emails? You can set them in the DNS settings for the domain. SPF records can also be entered as text (txt) records.

What is MX Record? MX records are DNS settings associated with your domain. For you to send and receive email, your domain’s MX records have to point to a server that can process the mail.

How is MX record connected to my ecommerce enterprise? It is important for you to make sure your emails are always delivered, so that you could keep track of the site progress and be able to respond to any query from your clients. For this, typically, multiple MX records are created. One of them points to a primary server, and additional records point to backup servers. That way, if one server is down, your mail can be directed to another server.

How do I update my MX records? If your company has its own DNS servers, talk to your DNS administrator. Otherwise, contact your domain name provider.

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