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FTP Access Verification
SSH Access Verification
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Security is crucial for an online store in order to protect your and your customers’ confidential information (like credit card numbers).

Now, a single web security breach may result in other people seeing or worse, getting hold of your data. In this case you may lose valuable information or clients just because you failed to invest in security. Consumers give big value to integrity. If they notice that security is not your priority, they may opt for other outlets, where their information would be protected.

To make your store most efficient, it is highly recommended that you should pay special attention to discovering your e-shop security vulnerabilities and strengthening all the weak points. It’ll be a great improvement, which would demonstrate your clients that they can shop safely in your store and their data will not be accessible by any third party.

FTP Access Verification

What is FTP access? File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the network protocol for transferring files from one host or to another over the Internet.

For you as a store owner, FTP is needed to upload files (templates, images, PDFs, etc.) from your PC to a server. Once you upload files to your store server, you can then use them in your store or link to them for your customers to be able to download. In order to connect to the remote server via FTP, the following details are necessary:

  • Server
  • Username
  • Password

How is FTP related to security? If your FTP details (username and password) are too weak. there is the possibility that hackers can use this vulnerability to login and change or delete the store data. Likewise, If your FTP server is accessible from multiple IPs, it can pose a potential security threat too.

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SSH Access Verification

What is SSH? Secure Socket Shell (SSH) is a protocol that helps to gain secure access to remote computers. It has a built-in username/password authentication system to establish a connection.

Why do I need SSH in my e-store? SSH access allows you to log in to your account through an encrypted connection. This means that all data will be shown in an unreadable format, and it would be extremely difficult for hackers to make anything out. Also, the login system installed with SSH requires each user to go through an authentication process to define whether the user who is trying to sign in is authorized.

What are SSH issues? Using a weak password for your account could lead to a system compromise, because your credentials can be guessed through brute force attacks. These attacks typically involve scanning IP address ranges for the default SSH port and attempting to login using a list of common usernames and passwords. It is recommended to disable SSH whenever it is not needed and use strong login details.

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SSL Certificate Check Up

What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology which establishes an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ browser. It allows for private information to be transmitted without being accessible to the third party.

To ensure a secure connection on your website, you need to get an SSL Certificate and install it on the server. The use of an SSL certificate is usually indicated by a padlock icon in web browsers or a green address bar. Also, the site URL is changed from http:// to https://.

What can be wrong with SSL Certificate? SSL errors might be caused by an incorrect environment setup, a bad server certificate, connection problems, certificate expiration etc. In case of any trouble, your customers will not be able to use the secure connection, which may lead to cart abandonment.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics provides you with the possibility to run the following checks and find possible security breaches:

  • Malware check by Google Safe Browsing
  • Malware check by VirusTotal
  • Directory Listing
  • Installation Folder
  • Default Admin Folder
  • Non-Secured Content

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