User Experience Monitoring

Customer Registration and Login Check
Product and Category Search Check
“Add to Cart” check
Store Checkout Check

Why do I need assistance for user experience monitoring? I can test the site on my own. Now, online shopping is more about service and convenience than about pricing. User experience is the area most accountable for the success of your enterprise. It is the essence of all your efforts to improve the website and get more sales. Impress your clients with impeccable service which forestalls all of their needs and it’ll be the last drop to help them make a decision in favour of your store.

Certainly, you cannot get into customers heads and persuade to buy from you. What you are in a position to do is to provide the highest quality service and ensure the perfect experience at your store. You can spend days and nights following all of the steps of the process to see if everything is working correctly. But this is really time consuming and not effective.

So, if you’re looking for the tool to be on guard of your business at all times with no breaks, Shopping Cart Diagnostics is exactly what you need. It will monitor all the key functions of successful shopping such as:

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Login
  • Product Search
  • Random Category Page
  • Random Product Page
  • Add to Cart Function
  • Contact form
  • Checkout form

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you’ll ensure that customers’ experience in your store is second to none and make them coming back for more!

Customer Registration and Login Check

First impressions last, as the saying goes. So what would be your customers’ impression of your e-shop, if at the very first stage - the registration/login – he/she gets an error message? Would it make a visitor feel welcome? Would it add confidence and trust? And most importantly, would the person want to proceed further?

In order to avoid registration and login woes, make sure your customers can sign in or sign up to your site easily by monitoring customer registration and login. This way, you’ll be notified about any error that has occurred and be able to fix it as quickly as possible with the prompt solution from Shopping Cart Diagnostics. Create an account and make sure your customer registration and log in check are working correctly!

Product and Category Search Check

If you’ve got a store with more than one category of products, it is a good idea to implement a search function. This will help customers find their way around the store and save a lot of their time. Moreover, if a customer comes to look for a specific product, it means that he/she already knows what is needed and is ready to buy.

So don’t waste this chance! Make sure your clients do not get lost in the variety of your products. Ensure that search function is working correctly to increase the number of happy customers and sales.

“Add to Cart” check

A person has seen your store in search result. Clicked it. Browsed your shop. Found the necessary product. Checked out the images. Hit ‘Add to Cart’ – but… nothing happens, or ‘page not found’ or millions of other errors instead of seeing the price and items to go with the chosen product. This may happen any minute and prevent a visitor from buying at your store. Most probably – forever. A person will just perceive your outlet as not trustworthy and seek for more reliable spots to do shopping.

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you’ll know about any type of errors with placing an order the second it happens. Hence – you’ll be able to fix the glitch and avoid it in the future. Imagine, what boost to your site reputation it can be if any error is fixed at the speed of light. Your clients will surely appreciate it. And the increase in the conversion rates is guaranteed!

Store Checkout Check

It is certainly very frustrating for a client to go through all of the stages of online shopping like viewing the products, adding them to cart, filling out the necessary forms and then, at the very last step,  to see a checkout error bring all efforts to nothing. In such a situation most shoppers would just abandon the cart unless, of course, the products are unique or very important for them. Moreover, they are unlikely to come back again. But how do you know when a problem occurs? And how do you know what exactly it is?

Sign up for Shopping Cart Diagnostics Daily Full Report to test user experience in your store and get alerts about any problems arising. You’ll be the first to know when anything goes wrong and fix the issues before other clients encounter them. It’ll make a great contribution to increasing customer satisfaction, hence, boosting your profit.