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What is SEO?  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of visitors (traffic) to the website via search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc). It aims at ranking the page high in the search results. The higher is the ranking – the easier it is for users to find your e-store using search engines.

Why analyse SEO? There are many elements affecting the ranking. Therefore, it is important to check and analyse all aspects of SEO efforts to find out about any glitches and plan the ways of improvement. It will help to make sure your ecommerce store is getting the maximum amount of traffic.

Website Inbound Link Tracking

What are inbound links?Inbound links (backlinks) are hyperlinks that lead to your website from another website.

Why do I need inbound links? The number of incoming links is critical for getting high ranking on the search results page. Some search engines, including Google consider websites with more backlinks more relevant in search results pages. Moreover, inbound links can lead many people to your site from other web resources. In a nutshell, the more inbound links you have, the better.

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Google Indexation and PR Monitoring

What is Google PR? Page Rank (PR) is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It is one of the factors that determines the ranking of a web page in search results. Page Rank is one of the most important factors taken into account by Google when defining your web page’s ranking in serps.

How is Page Rank calculated? Google counts links to your store from other sites, each link is like a ‘vote”. However, the power of backlinks is not always the same. Their importance depends on the PR of the page they’re coming from. The importance of each vote is taken into account when a page’s PageRank is calculated.

What is Google Indexation? Indexation is the scanning of website pages by Googlebot and creating an index that is used by Google to give user the results searched for. This allows rapid access to documents that contain user query terms.

How to prevent content from being indexed? If you have two versions of some pages (i.e. for web and for printing), you should avoid both of them being indexed, otherwise you may be penalised for duplicate content. In this case robots.txt file is used, which prevents certain areas of your site from being indexed. However, you need to validate it to make sure it is written correctly and with no mistakes.

How to facilitate my site indexation? Creating XML sitemaps serves this purpose, as it presents to Google and other search engines the page structure of your site, shows how often page content is updated, and when new content is added to the site.

Using an XML sitemap will help to ensure that:

  • all site pages are indexed.
  • frequently-updated site pages are crawled more often.
  • new site pages are quickly indexed.

Validation is required to ensure your sitemap is really effective.

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Meta Description and Keyword Check

What is a Meta Description? Meta description is an HTML tag of a web page that provides short explanations of its content. The text in these tags is not displayed to a user, but it tells the browsers the information about the page. Meta tags are typically used by search engines to display preview snippets for a certain page on search result pages. Hence, writing a good description can increase click-through rates to your store.

What is a Meta Keywords? Meta keywords is an HTML tag which provides a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page. By using meta keywords you can emphasise your most important keywords or insert related words or synonyms that you don’t have on the page itself. Though meta keywords tags are not a major factor search engines consider when ranking sites, they add value to your overall page ranking.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics can perform your Meta Keywords and Descriptions check to make sure you’re using all opportunities to improve your site visibility in serps.

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