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Availability Check

What does “website unavailable” mean?
In a nutshell, if the site is unavailable, it cannot be accessed by users via the Internet.

What are the reasons for the site to be unavailable? Multiple factors can make the site go down. We can narrow them down to several groups:

  • Server errors
  • Incorrect DNS settings
  • Connectivity issues
  • Hardware failure
  • Software failure
  • Power outage
  • …and many more

Why is it harmful for your e-store? Every minute your website is down you will be losing visitors who might purchase from you and become the devoted clients. Instead, upon discovering that your store isn’t ‘“working”, they would just search for other online retailers with similar products, who don’t fail to provide the sufficient service. Certainly, some loyal customers may still stick around and wait until you fix the problem and get your site up again. But new customers are more likely to turn to your competitors. And, if served properly, they are not coming back again.

Moreover, when the site is unavailable, your sophisticated design and optimised storefront are not visible to anyone. It means lots of time and resources wasted.

How do I know when my site goes down? Shopping Cart Diagnostics offers you an ultimate way out. We will not only let you know when your website gets unavailable, but also provide you with recommendations to get it up and running again. So you’ll be able to have the site back in the shortest possible time.

Are you sure your site is up now? You can check your website availability right away.

Website Performance Check

What is website performance? This characteristics is responsible for your website response time and general page load time. It is hugely important, because a slow site is not going to be popular with users. You’ve got 2-5  seconds before visitors get impatient and start leaving the site. Every second of delay means reducing your sales by 7%.

If your site is not fast enough you’ll also get a lower ranking on search engines, because site loading speed is one of the factors Google takes into consideration when determining the PR.

What factors are slowing down the site? Basically, the more elements your page has (like images, widgets, advertisements, graphics etc) the more time it needs to load.Also, the HTML structure and JavaScript code, if not implemented correctly, can cause the major slow down.

Do I need to get rid of images and widgets to speed up my store? No! With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you don’t have to sacrifice your design. And you can retain the widgets as well. We will test your site performance and track all inaccuracies like

  • Website Response Time
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Page Load Time

Plus offer most effective optimisation methods, to make your site work faster than ever before!

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you can boost your side speed and win the sales race easily! Register an account and diagnose the speed issues to ensure your website the best performance!

Content Check Up

How is content connected to my website efficiency? Content is the textual, visual and auditory information on a webpage. In the online store it is one of the crucial factors, presenting customers with clear view of the items you’re offering. It includes

  • category names
  • products’ names,
  • descriptions,
  • prices
  • specific attributes (like size, weight etc).

How do you benefit from a better structured content?

  • Well organised content helps your customer to find needed items quickly and easily. Hence, more conversions and bigger profits.
  • Structure also helps search engines gauge the relevance of your content. Using HTML tags can improve your ranking by adding significance to certain tagged elements (like <H1> tag). So, the words in this sentence potentially represent search terms and correct implementation of tags can enhance your site visibility in serps.

Why do I need the Content Check? You need to avoid empty categories or product names and products with missing descriptions. Also. information about items availability should be always up to date. It will save your customers time and build trust to your website. Moreover, it is important not to use frames which prevent serps from indexing the page correctly, which means that most of your content will not show up in the search results.

How can I check content in a big store with thousands of products regularly? You can leave this job to Shopping Cart Diagnostics. It is the only automated service that can perform the content check. This is what you get when choosing Shopping Cart Diagnostics:

  • Server response time analysis
  • Product and category description
  • Product availability check
  • Google Analytics settings check

We will make sure your data is structured in the most efficient way to boost your user satisfaction and improve rankings.

Sign up for website content check up! Make sure your customers get the best view of your products!