General Questions

One-Time Full Report is received once upon demand.

Daily Full Report runs on a constant basis, checking your store every day.


Yes, you can change your service plan anytime you want.

We offer you a free Basic Report option to see how the service works. It will provide the results of availability, basic SEO, email and DNS checks.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is there for you to discover the reasons and sources of errors - and you won’t need any programming skills.

It is indispensable when there is a functionality problem in any store area. By pointing out what exactly is wrong, it’ll enable you to fix the problem quickly and avoid losses.

There's no additional load for your store. No more than 15-30 mins is required to receive Full Report.

Basic Report and One-Time Full Report run once on your demand.
Everyday Full Report option allows to check your store availability every hour. All other checks are executed once a day.

Shopping Cart Checks

It's strongly recommended that you keep your store healthy. Fixing the errors as soon as possible would be best for your business.
Notices don’t greatly affect your store functionality. If your shopping cart runs properly, you may put off the notices to fix later.

Billing and Pricing

There are no long-term obligations and you can stop using Shopping Cart Diagnostics any time you want.

If you have a VAT number, you need to choose 'Licensed to: Company' in Personal Information block and your country in Billing Information block. Then a field for VAT ID will appear. See a screenshot here - http://screencast.com/t/AKmTgiCP

In the case you want to cancel the subscription:

Go to the PayPro account https://www.payproglobal.com/buyer_account.aspx

Enter your login and password

In the subscription section you can cancel or renew the subscription.

After pressing the CANCEL button you have to enter the reason why you want to unsubscribe and click the SUBMIT button.


Security and Privacy

No, Shopping Cart Diagnostics simply gathers the information from different sources without affecting your files or database.

In order to investigate issues or to troubleshoot the reported problems, Shopping Cart Diagnostics support technicians may need access to your online store, web server and database.

We understand that this information is extremely sensitive, and should be private. With this in mind, we only ask for access to your online store when it is absolutely necessary.

We have taken every precaution to ensure that our systems which handle access information are well protected and safe.  However, there are extra measures that we encourage our clients to take before giving us the access details.

In all cases when we require access to an online store, we will let you know exactly what kind of access it will be, and why it is necessary.

Short Summary

  1. When providing a technician with access to your online store, it is recommended to change the admin account password being provided by a random password temporarily, while we are fixing the issue.
  2. Once your issue has been solved,  change the passwords of all provided accounts as soon as possible.
  3. In all cases that require access to your online store, the technician will explain exactly what access we need.

Access to your online store

Depending on the task to be done, a Shopping Cart Diagnostics technician may ask for access to your online store. We strongly recommend you to change the password of Admin/FTP accounts that you provide with a random password for Shopping Cart Diagnostics support for the period of fixing the issue, with only essential permissions to your online store.

  • Change the existing password of user/staff account with a random and complex password.
  • When your issue has been resolved, you should change its password as soon as possible.

Access to a web-online store administrator account

Rather often,  access to an administrator account on your online store is necessary for us to deal with an issue. Follow the steps outlined in the Access to your online store section of this article.

Access to an FTP or SSH account

To investigate an issue in depth, Shopping Cart Diagnostics support may also request access to the files of your online store installation. Follow the steps presented in the Access to your online store section of this article.

Please, ensure that this account is a user-level account that has access to the directory in which your online store is installed, unless our technical engineer asks for an unrestricted access account (see below).

'Root' (unrestricted access) to your server

If a technician asks for 'root access' to your server (a root account with unrestricted permissions), please do not be alarmed. This kind of access is necessary very seldom - i.e. when we absolutely need it to locate and fix your issue (such as generating or monitoring server logs, or making server configuration changes).

When providing us with root/unrestricted access to your server, it is imperative that you follow the temporary account creation steps outlined in the Access to your online store section of this article.

Firewalls and IP based authentication

If your systems use or are protected by IP address authentication (e.g. if you have a firewall), please inform us about it so the we provided you the list of our office IP addresses to allow through.