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Free Basic Report
One-Time Full Report
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Free Basic Report

To define more than 15 types of most frequent errors with Shopping Cart Diagnostics free of charge, there’s no software to install and no registration to complete.
Just enter your store website address at the top of the web page and press Check Now button.

You will see the results instantly:

One-Time Full Report

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you get the opportunity to analyse all areas of your store and receive the result of more than other 100 error checks. They include your web page performance, store security, server environment, store configuration, content etc.

Additionally, you will have the unique capability to increase your conversions by monitoring your end-user experience. It means. you’ll be the first to know what difficulties your clients experience with the following functions:  

All of these can be obtained for only $29.99 by proceeding with 3 simple steps:

1. register an account
2. download and install connection bridge
3. start diagnostics to receive the One-Time Full Report

Note. If there’s not enough funds on your account, you will be asked to charge it with more credits. 

The diagnostics will start right away and you’ll be able to track the process in the same window and see the results for all  major errors instantly!

All detected errors will be displayed within your account dashboard.


In the error description section, you also receive advice on how to resolve the problems most effectively.

The report can also be sent to your email or to your developer or saved as Adobe Reader file for further reference.

So you will have everything under control with Shopping Cart Diagnostics!

Daily Full Report

If you decide not to risk and ensure the highest level of safety to your business,  you have the unique opportunity of monitoring your store for errors on a regular basis  for only $49.99 per month!

Here are the benefits of Daily Full Report:

  • Overall Store Testing
  • User Experience Monitoring
  • Multiple Store Check within one account
  • Scheduled Daily Check
  • Instant Error Alerts
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Error Reports

To sign up for Daily Full Report, login to your account and click on “Daily Full Report” button within the dashboard:

Thus, you’ll gain complete information about the condition of your online store, but won’t have to spend your precious time to check everything manually. Moreover, with instant error notifications you’ll be able to solve the problems instantly after they occur and minimize downtime and losses.

Get total control of your online business with Shopping Cart Diagnostics!