Download a Connection Bridge

To run advanced store check your need to download and install the connection bridge.
A connection bridge is the so called access gateway that allows Shopping Cart Diagnostics service to test your store for all kind of mistakes. It doesn’t change anything – simply gathers information that is necessary for diagnostics.

You can setup the bridge yourself or just provide your FTP credentials. This way, the bridge will be installed on our own.

To connect the bridge by yourself, follow the corresponding link to download Shopping Cart Diagnostics Bridge file to your local computer. It will be saved as “scdiag”.

You’ll need to connect the bridge to your shopping cart via any type of FTP client software. You’d need to know your hostname, which you can take from your hosting provider. This can be your IP address or website domain. Also, include your FTP access login and password to connect to your store.

Right within your FTP client, copy the bridge folder that you’ve extracted from your zip file previously saved to your local computer and paste it to your store root folder. Check your file attributes. 777 or 755 should be in the numeric value field.

That’s it! You can run your store check.

To connect the bridge by our own, provide your FTP credentials, your store root folder, and choose the FTP-mode. Usually, it is binary.

When everything is ready you can proceed to the next step.