Security Policy

We Guarantee Absolute Security of your Data, as your Trust is Important to us

Within 11 years of experience and brand quality, nearly 40 thousand users worldwide accessed MagneticOne services. Individuals, small, medium and large organizations count on MagneticOne security and data protection to meet each individual’s needs.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics service gives you a chance to analyze all types of inaccuracies within your store website and to get timely and precise resolution scenarios, providing secure environment for your store data on every stage of the store check.

Security of your data is our top priority

We value our clients and do our best to make you stay longer with us. That’s why the privacy of your data is ensured thanks to the following measures:

  • We do not keep any external or internal data.

Only the results of permanent monitoring plan are saved to provide you with the statistics.

  • Your Data Belongs Only to You

The information gathered by the service is private and shall not be disclosed, sold or given to the third party.

  • Secure Connection

All data is transmitted via secure FTP. It guarantees the integrity and security of data transmission between the Web server and user’s software.

We  take security very seriously

Thats why we have developed Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Service Level Agreement. We are ready to answer most common questions to help ensure your data is secure with us:

How Shopping Cart Diagnostics works?

Shopping Cart Diagnostics gathers all the external and internal store data necessary for performing the overall store database and website check. The service aggregates all the data on servers, store data, internal file and folder structure, etc. At this point, you will first need to download the connection bridge. It’s necessary  for the service to be able to access your internal store information.

In such a way, it goes through each and every aspect of your eshop and website analysis to make sure everything is taken into account and your store is protected from any mistakes.

Apart from the list of identified errors you will receive suggestions and advice on how to resolve mistakes and  improve your store functionality to make your store work better than ever.

This way, you’ll be able to locate all the “conversion killers” and optimise web store work before your clients are affected.

What is a Connection Bridge?

A connection bridge is the so called access gateway that allows to test your store for all kind of mistakes. It doesn’t save your store data and doesn’t  change anything – simply gathers information that is necessary for  the overall store database and website diagnostics. A connection bridge is the most secure method to share your store data with us to make your store work with no woes.

Is it Possible to Perform an Overall Store Check without a Connection Bridge?

No, it is impossible. A connection bridge is a tool that is needed for the service to get all the data necessary for performing deep store database and website configuration test.

Only the Quick Check allows to test your eshop for more than 35 types of errors  without any registration or installation. In this case, all you need is to provide your store URL address and you’ll be able to see the results instantly in the same window!

NOTE: Quick check does not guarantee your store full security and error protection. It reveals only general mistakes, which aren’t urgent and don’t greatly influence the site functionality.
That’s why, to test your eshop for more complex issues,  you need to register an account and download a connection bridge. It will provide you with total confidence, that your business  is safe and sound at all times.

How to Connect the  Bridge?

You can either setup the bridge yourself or provide your FTP credentials.

To  set up the bridge by yourself you’d need to download Shopping Cart Diagnostics Bridge file to your local computer and connect it to your shopping cart via FTP.  You can do that with any type of FTP client software. We recommend FileZilla, which has a very intuitive interface and is freely distributed.

If you are willing to avoid these steps, you can provide your FTP credentials (your hostname, FTP access login and password). This way the bridge will be installed on our own. It is  safe for you as well, as we guarantee total security of your store website data.

What is FTP?

File transfers over the Internet use special techniques, one of the most widely-used is FTP.  FTP, short for “File Transfer Protocol,”  is used to transfer files between two computers over a network and Internet.

FTP makes it possible to install the connection bridge for exchanging files between your store and Shopping Cart Diagnostics server .

Via FTP software tools we can establish connections to be able to access your internal store data for performing full diagnostics of your store.

You only need to provide the correct FTP connection information for this method to work correctly.

Is it Safe for my Store Personal Data?

Shopping Cart Diagnostics gathers only the external and internal store data necessary for performing the overall store database and website check. We don’t use the information connected with your clients and their personal accounts.

The Bridge is an open coded script. Your programmers can easily analyze its actions while checking the logs. So you’ll be sure that our service retrieves only the information necessary for diagnostics.

As you see, we use FTP  to safely and securely collect and distribute sensitive information between your organization and the service.

Before files can be transmitted, you can establish limited and secure FTP access for such sessions. This way you provide us with a  temporary limited personalized access for our IP address. After we will finish your deep store check, you can block FTP access between your store and our server.

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Questions, comments, requests and complaints regarding your data security and the information we hold are welcome and should be addressed to Shopping Cart Diagnostics Team at