End-User Experience Monitoring

Being on the inside of online business management, you need to make sure your customers have proper access to making the actual purchase from within your store website. However, how do you know they do?

Shopping Cart Diagnostics provides detailed insight into the end-user experience on your store, including:

Web Page Performance Testing

As an online store owner, it is your goal to find ways for attracting more customers, as well as get them stay longer on your website to check out more of the products you offer. However, if your website is slow and you don’t even know about it, it would probably be hard for you to do anything about it. This is when Shopping Cart Diagnostics comes into action!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics monitors your website performance and, upon your request, you can receive alerts whenever there are any errors. The key indicators include:

Store Security Surveillance

Security. That’s what all store owners care about the most. Knowing that there is a problem is the biggest half of its solution. With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, not only do you know there is an error, but you also get advise on how to fix it. It’s even more than you could ever imagine. The service will detect all the errors within your store security:

Server Environment Tracking

Having your own online store, also means having to deal with server environment conditions. Shopping Cart Diagnostics is a service providing each and every store owner a chance to check their server environment for errors all in one place.

With Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you will always know when there’s anything wrong with your server setting. This includes:

Store Configuration Monitoring

As an online store owner, you know how important it is to account for your specific store configuration whenever identifying any issues or making any changes within your store. Shopping Cart Diagnostics is the only service that provides error check for your store configuration settings, including:

Store Content Check-up

Online store is a lot more like a website, rather than a usual store. Therefore, like within a website, you need to make sure your store content is accurate and set exactly as your customers need it to. Shopping Cart Diagnostics is the only service out there that will diagnose any errors concerning your product description and availability, as well as pricing accuracy and Google Analytics settings. You will then be provided with timely solutions for all the issues. It’s as easy as that!

Website SEO Analysis

You should never underestimate the importance of your website being SEO-friendly. There’s almost never a fast and easy way for you to know when something is wrong with your website search engine optimization. Shopping Cart Diagnostics will quickly analyze your Sitemap structure and robots.txt availability to provide you with a timely notice about what you need to act on. More than that, with the service you will be notified whenever you need to make changes in your meta keywords and meta description. All is done for you!

DNS Monitoring

When it comes to DNS monitoring, you need to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. If the DNS server is unable to resolve the address or is unavailable, you need to know exactly when it happens and that it does. Otherwise, you will lose a great number of your clients. Shopping Cart Diagnostics has all the necessary functionality to let you know whether your DNS works fine and what there is to do to make it work.

Store Email Verification

Shopping Cart Diagnostics provides timely and comprehensive analysis of your email address accuracy. Having your emails blacklisted is one of the factors that minimizes your chances of reaching your customers right when you need. The service will carefully analyse all the factors and let you know whether there are any issues on that part.

Store Availability Monitoring

Don’t leave your store availability to chance! Shopping Cart Diagnostics is exactly designed to easily and automatically track, diagnose and identify your website availability and accessibility. You will instantly see whenever your store is down or unavailable. The service will provide further recommendations on how to act if either scenario takes place. This way, you won’t have to keep your customers waiting and will make sure they have everything they need at their disposal there and then!