How to Sell Shopping Cart Diagnostics to your Customers

With the development of ecommerce market the demand for website monitoring services is growing rapidly. In this sphere websites are the major business instrument, so they require quality maintenance and top performance to provide revenue to their owners.

Why Monitoring an Ecommerce Website is Important to Store Owners?

Every second of downtime proves to be costly for an online enterprise. Store owner loses not only a number of possible sales, but also reputation and, in all probability, potential customers. For this reason, online businessmen are very much interested in protecting their business from possible pitfalls.

Financially, it is much more efficient to invest in website monitoring and be timely informed about the site being unavailable than spend a lot of money and efforts to overcome the consequences of a lengthy downtime.

Furthermore, availability is not the only factor contributing to online store success. Even with 100% uptime, there’s no way a site which is not working properly can be profitable and attract visitors. This is why choosing web monitoring is the measure to ensure customer satisfaction and high revenue level for the store owners.

Another important point to consider is that ecommerce websites are mostly run by people who aim at developing their business, but usually don’t have technical background. Even when faced with any kind of error, a non-professional is helpless in dealing with it. A lot of manual testing is required to locate the source and develop the solution. With the monitoring service, this can be done in a matter of a few minutes.

What are the Benefits

       For You       For Your Customers
  • You increase your profits by getting 20% commission from every store check
  • You extend your services by adding monitoring to the portfolio
  • You get one more way of attracting new clients
  • You obtain the advantage over your competitors
  • You get the necessary marketing and technological support
  • You don’t have to install and maintain the software
  • You don’t worry about doing the monitoring itself – we take care of it
  • All key store aspects monitoring at the same time
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Access from any location
  • Instant testing and immediate results
  • Quick and precise error location
  • 35+ FREE store checks
  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Instant email alerts about any errors that come up
  • No need for installation or maintenance
  • No security risks

How Much is it in Numbers?

Let’s do a simple calculation. The price of Daily Full Report  is 19,99/month. So, if 1 customer subscribes for 1 month, you get:

$19.99*20% commission=$4 per each customer

For 10 customers, you get $4*10=$40

For 100 customers, your commission will be $4*100=$400

Do you think $400 would be a good addition to your income?

Where do You Start?

Your success as Shopping Cart Diagnostics partner will depend on how well you present the value of this service to your clients. To get the in-depth knowledge of all its functions and advantages, you can obtain the necessary materials from us.

It is your choice how to work:

  • informing your customers about the service and getting 20% commission for each check
  • checking the customers’ stores within your account yourself and estimating the price.

Then, it’s up to you to decide how to let your customers know about the new monitoring service you’re offering:

  • expose the information on your website
  • conduct a promotional email campaign
  • use online advertising in social media
  • present the new service in your blog or newsletter
  • demonstrate the service in online videos
  • get listed in marketplaces and directories or update the information presented there.

Finally, your customers can be your best promotion. If you manage to satisfy them, to gain new clients will be a snap: they will be entices by testimonials of those lucky prospects whose business has been improved with your assistance.

Make your first step towards the beneficial cooperation – register as a partner to open new horizons for your business development right now!

We are looking forward to see you among our valued partners!