Who is Eligible to Become a Partner?

We understand e-Commerce market dynamics and customers increasing demands, so we can help you to meet your business goals with new levels of market penetration, sales, profitability.

The Shopping Cart Diagnostics Partner Program enables collaboration among our partners so they can grow their businesses by offering comprehensive solutions that meet your  clients’ needs.

We are ready to create mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with:

Shopping Cart Vendors

Whether you develop a downloadable shopping cart or provide with a hosted shopping cart solution, you will benefit from Shopping Cart Diagnostics Partner Program the most!

It will help you grow your business and maximize profitability selling your offerings based on our  service and to satisfy even your most demanding customers.

As a Shopping Cart Diagnostics Partner you can:

  • get your potential client, diagnosing their shopping cart, there and then!
  • track, automate and be on the lookout for the conversion to your shopping cart
  • estimate the cost of new client attraction
  • evaluate the cost of client store checks to your shopping cart, etc.

Right after you register as our Partner, you receive a set of common 20% discount coupon codes. Wondering what you can do with your discount?

Based on your commitment to Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you can earn greater rewards and support from us. To accommodate your company’s goals, we offer two levels of participation.

Let’s take a look at the possible scenarios for that matter.

Scenario #1

You can limit the 20% discount coupon functionality by allowing store checks of your single shopping cart. You can then distribute the coupon codes among your clients in the following way:

  • expose the information on your website, so that your customers could have instant access to store checks of your shopping cart;
  • conduct a promotion campaign online;
  • implement internal and external email distribution, etc.

Scenario #2

It is you, not Shopping Cart Diagnostics, who will have the relationship with your customers. That way you decide when and how to engage our service.

We generate a 20% discount coupon code for store error testing. For your part, you can provide all your potential clients with up to 20% discount to perform store error detection to your shopping cart only.

Or it will look like this: you give your client a 10% discount coupon to check their store for any type of errors, while you get 10% of the cost as our Partner and a new client! It’s up to you.

Either way, you get the most out of it.

E-Commerce Development Companies

If you concentrate on e-Commerce solutions development, Shopping Cart Diagnostics partnership is right for you. Most online merchants are unaware about their e-store errors. So, they don’t understand, why their conversion rates dropped down, site loses its SEO ranking and their store is unavailable for customers. With the lapse of time, online store owners need a tool to define any kind of problem and provide timely and precise resolution scenarios. That’s when our service comes into action!

Partner Program is designed to help eCommerce development companies get more clients and, therefore, gain more revenue. You get a chance to provide your customers with a unique automated shopping cart error check online service, while making money out of it.

Here’s how it works:

  • you estimate the store error check cost for your client
  • you receive the payment for the store testing
  • Shopping Cart Diagnostics conducts the store troubleshooting
  • we contact your company representative to perform deep store check or help touch base with the support center, if applicable.

E-Commerce Hosting Companies

We constantly seek cooperation with e-Commerce hosting companies to help them assist their clients in store error troubleshooting  process 9 major shopping carts.

Partnership is great opportunity to provide excellent solution for your customers business and satisfy their growing demands.

As a partner you can base your work on the following plans:

  1. Get a 20% discount coupon code to perform Shopping Cart Diagnostics  store check for your clients. You can either make testing yourself, or provide your client with a discount coupon code up to 20% to do everything  themselves.
  2. Take care of the pre-testing process yourself, i.e. estimate the cost and receive the payment from your client. Then let Shopping Cart Diagnostics perform the testing and provide with while- and post-diagnostics support.

If you opt to integrate our service into your website, we are open to discuss White Label solution with your company.

Independent Consultants

If you are an independent consultant, developer or an absolute expert in the field of e-Commerce, Shopping Cart Diagnostics Partner Program has a lot to offer! We provide an ultimate shopping cart error troubleshooting solution. You have your clients and a  20% discount to perform store error check for them.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics works hard to improve the work of any online store work and provide high-level support for error- free functionality for all leading shopping carts out there.

Our Team is committed to the success, better results in less time with less effort of our partners.

Create breakthrough solutions help your customers take their businesses to the next level. Get exclusive access to the tools, resources and support you need to create new opportunities and to accelerate your success.

Put the power of Shopping Cart Diagnostics to work for you today and reap the harvest tomorrow!


Join Shopping Cart Diagnostics – the company you can trust!

Specific terms, procedures and conditions of  partnership will be discussed in each separate case directly with each company. Please contact us