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User ExperienceNumber of Projects No Yes Yes
Web Page PerformanceNumber of Projects No Yes Yes
Store SecurityUser Accounts No Yes Yes
Server EnvironmentTime of Data Storage No Yes Yes
Store ConfigurationNumber of Sessions No Yes Yes
Store ContentTime of Data Storage No Yes Yes
Website SEONumber of Sessions No Yes Yes
DNSTime of Data Storage Yes Yes Yes
Store AvailabilityNumber of Sessions Yes Yes Yes
Store EmailTime of Data Storage Yes Yes Yes
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Questions on Pricing

- What types of payment do you accept?

You can submit your payments for Shopping Cart Diagnostics service via PayPro. PayPro protects your financial data, ensuring that you are in compliance with the latest security standards and regulations. You have the confidence of 24/7 professional support.

- How can I try Shopping Cart Diagnostics service?

You can start trying the service using Basic Report, it requires neither fees, nor registration. Just type the URL of your store and start checking. Want to troubleshoot your store even deeper? Then register your account and proceed with even more error checks.

- Are there any long-term obligations (can I cancel my subscription anytime)?

There are no long-term obligations, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

- Can I use Shopping Cart Diagnostics for a couple of stores?

Yes, you can check or monitor multiple stores at a time. Note that the pricing displays the cost of monitoring per store. By adding more stores for check within one account, you’ll be charged for each of them.

Still Have Questions?

If you’re not sure what plan is right for you, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help. See the FAQ and Terms of Service for more details.