Keep Your PrestaShop Store Healthy!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is the foremost tool for keeping your PrestaShop store intact! This automated online service analyses and troubleshoots your website availability, shopping cart settings, server environment, page performance and even customer experience. Shopping Cart Diagnostics provides you with timely and accurate details on your errors, as well as with potential solutions for the issues occurring.

What Do You Get with Shopping Cart Diagnostics?

PrestaShop User Experience Monitoring

Monitor your end-user experience on a permanent basis!
With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you receive timely, accurate and precise reports on all types of errors with your store usability. Get the key to successful business handling with error-free customer experience!
  • Checkout Check
  • Product Search Check
  • Product and Category View Check
  • Customer Login and Registration Check

PrestaShop Performance Testing

Examine all inaccuracies with your performance from the end-user perspective!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics automatically troubleshoots your store performance issues and provides with accurate and prompt solution suggestions. Identify what slows down your website response time, general page load time, etc.
  • HTML Analysis and Optimization
  • JavaScript Analysis and Optimization
  • CSS Analysis and Optimization
  • Image Optimization Check
  • Browser Caching, Content Compression Analysis
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PrestaShop Security Surveillance

Track all errors within your PrestaShop security to keep your store safe and sound!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics examines all the possible errors and woes within your store security and provides you with the solutions to fix them right away. Supply your customers with a secure shopping experience at all times.
  • FTP Access Verification
  • SSH Access Verification
  • SSL Certificate Checkup

Server Environment Tracking

Examine errors and prevent issues to ensure peak performance of your server. Monitor your store at all times!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics help you make sure your server and shopping cart are up-to-date and running on constant basis. Diagnose your store server environment errors from the inside and out.
  • Up-to-Date Version Check
  • Specific PHP Function and Directive Check
  • Server OS and MySQL Analysis and Optimization
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PrestaShop Configuration Monitoring

Monitor and diagnose your configuration for all types of errors!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics troubleshoots your online store configuration settings for all existing and potential glitches and measures the possible resolution scenarios. Keep control of how your store should be configured to work with no woes!
  • Configuration File Examination
  • Database Structure Error Check
  • File and Folder Permission Verification

PrestaShop Content Check-up

Check your content accuracy to make sure your customers have all they need at hand!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics examines your sotre product, category, manufacturer descriptions, quantity and availability for content inaccuracies. Monitor your store content for failures on all levels!
  • Server Response Time Analysis
  • Product and Category Description Check
  • Product Availability Check
  • Google Analytics Settings Check
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PrestaShop SEO Analysis

Troubleshoot your store SEO to ensure that search engines drive customers right to your website!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics validates your website optimization on various levels to help you get higher rankings. Website search engine optimization is one of the key elements of successful online business handling. Therefore, check your store here and now!
  • Inbound Link Tracking
  • Google Indexation and PR Monitoring
  • Meta Description and Keyword Check

DNS Monitoring

Check your DNS servers and records for all types of errors and glitches!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics helps you get in-depth availability and performance monitoring of your DNS server. The service provides you with timely suggestions on solution strategies. Having your DNS checked helps you provide consistent connectivity to your store.
  • DNS Response Time and Settings Check
  • IP Address Redirect Analysis
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PrestaShop Availability Monitoring

Ensure your store is available and accessible at all times!
Shopping Cart Diagnostics monitors your website availability upon your request and provides you with potential corrective actions if your site is down. Don’t take the chance of ignorance! Ensure your store is up and running at peak performance.

PrestaShop Email Verification

Ensure your customers get timely and secure emails from your store.
Shopping Cart Diagnostics examines all records availability on your website DNS, so that your customers receive your newsletters and store updates without delays. Check whenever your email is blacklisted by any type of email systems.
  • Email Blacklisting Check
  • Domain SPF and MX Record Verification
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Check your store with Shopping Cart Diagnostics to get your PrestaShop problems solved now!

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