Video Tutorials

How to Install Connection Bridge

Connection bridge is a kind of gateway that allows Shopping Cart Diagnostics to gather information necessary for detecting errors in your online store. When setting up your advanced error check, you will need to download the connection bridge and embed it onto your e-shop. Watch and follow the video tutorial and be sure – you won’t have any difficulties with your store troubleshooting!

FREE Store Error Check with Shopping Cart Diagnostics

Define more than 35 types of most frequent errors FREE of charge with Shopping Cart Diagnostics! This tool gives you a chance to analyze all types of inaccuracies within all the major shopping carts and to get timely and precise resolution scenarios making your business safe and sound right away! Watch and follow the video tutorial to learn about various types of error checks available at Shopping Cart Diagnostics FREE of charge in just a couple of minutes. Make your estore work better than ever before with Shopping Cart Diagnostics!