Why Shopping Cart Diagnostics?

Your Store Downtime Costs Money

Each second of an online store downtime can decrease conversions by 7%! Detecting whether your site is “up” or “down” from now on would be pretty easy: Shopping Cart Diagnostics will automatically monitor all types of inaccuracies and issues within your shopping cart, store website, and even customer behavior to provide you with timely and precise resolution scenarios.

Website error will ruin your reputation

No matter how much time and money you spent on your store optimisation, errors are inevitable. Because nothing is more important for any eshop than constant work of all pages and functions. If clients get to broken pages or pages with some minor error – they will be concerned about security of your website and most likely will not make any order. Shopping Cart Diagnostics will test all aspects of youronline store work starting from website performance, server environment conditions, configuration settings, SEO-friendliness to detailed insight into the end-user experience on your store.

Slow site will drive your customers to your competitors

You’ve no more than 10 seconds to make your potential buyers stay on your site. Having to wait for a product page to load is not only frustrating, but can affect your sales and income. Moreover, it hardly affects ranking in Google and your competitors will profit from your troubles. Shopping Cart Diagnostics will tell you if your store website is slow or if your customers can’t make a purchase. It will give you the best performance results at an affordable cost, that turns to you in higher conversions!

Non stop diagnostics – 24/7

If your e-commerce website doesn’t work non stop like a clock, you are losing customers. Shopping Cart Diagnostics will be on guard of your business 24/7! As soon as anything goes wrong, this smart tool does not just simply display errors. It also immediately alerts you via email to inform you about such events right after they occur. This way, you can take the necessary steps to prevent losses and get all the issues solved promptly before your customers even notice it!